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Tips for promoting a safety culture

Here are some ways to help keep OHS awareness at the forefront in your workplace, particularly for young workers:

  • Encourage other employees to support young workers by keeping an eye out for them.
  • Make yourself available during young worker orientation or induction sessions.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety with your own consistent, safe work practices, and emphasise that unsafe work practices are unacceptable.
  • Make health and safety a part of all workplace communications.
  • Personally encourage young workers to report health and safety issues that they may encounter, and to share ideas and suggestions.
  • Respond to all health and safety concerns and act promptly.
  • Promote and attend safety training sessions, and participate in any emergency response training.
  • Use and wear protective equipment and safety gear as required and ensure adequate maintenance.

Buddy system

Implement a “buddy” system – pair up young workers with experienced, safety conscious employees who are good communicators and are likely to be good role models.

A buddy can:

  • work alongside the young worker
  • talk to the young worker about work and workplace issues
  • reinforce important aspects of the job and workplace
  • answer questions and pass on skills, knowledge and experience.

REMEMBER: a “buddy” does not replace the daily responsibility of the supervisor to provide young workers with information, supervision, training and help.