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Training Young Workers


All new workers should be given an induction on arrival at the workplace.

  • Provide and show workers how to use the necessary equipment and how to safely wear/use any protective gear, such as gloves, safety footwear and goggles.
  • Help a new worker get to know the layout of the workplace.
  • Introduce them to their immediate supervisor, health and safety representative and workmates.
  • Explain OHS policies and procedures—including where to find forms, consultation arrangements, and first aid and emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities for safety in the workplace.

Check back with the new worker within a week or so to make sure they are clear on the induction information, and encourage them to ask questions.


Each new job or task can present hazards and risks, regardless of a worker's past experience, skills or training. Training should show workers how to carry out their job safely and how to recognise and report hazards on the job.

Trainers should:

  • ensure young workers can demonstrate competence before starting each new task
  • tailor training to the specific equipment, tools and work practices involved in the job
  • check for understanding – only young workers who fully understand the task should do the work
  • incorporate basic health and safety into training
  • tailor training to young worker's specific cultural, literacy and learning needs so they receive the right message in a form that they understand.

For more information on how to ensure young workers are effectively trained, see WorkSafe's training checklist for young workers.