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Application For A Licence To Operate As An Asbestos Removalist

About the licence

You can obtain a licence to remove asbestos for the following categories:

  • Class A - friable asbestos, non-friable asbestos, and asbestos-contaminated dust
  • Class B - non-friable asbestos and asbestos-contaminated dust associated with or derived from the removal of non-friable asbestos

Note: WorkSafe may issue licences which restrict asbestos removal licence holders to removing specific types of asbestos-containing material or asbestos-contaminated dust.

Friable means when dry, or as the result of a work process, may be crumbled, pulverised or reduced to a powder by hand pressure.

Non-friable means, when dry may not be crumbled, pulverised or reduced to powder by hand pressure (for example materials containing asbestos that have been mixed with cement or other hard bonding materials).

Note: non-friable asbestos may become friable as a result of work processes over time (for example, degradation due to chemical exposure) or due to other factors (for example, damage by fire).

A licence holder is usually required to notify WorkSafe before any asbestos removal work is carried out.


Fees for asbestos removal licences are based on fee units which are indexed annually on 1 July. The current fee amounts are shown below. Further detail is provided at WorkSafe licence types and fees.

  • The application fee for a Class A licence is $638.50 and for Class B licence is $575.90.
  • $14.20 for a replacement licence.
  • There is no fee for an addition of a site supervisors to your licence

Licence is valid for 5 years

Where to send the form

WorkSafe Licensing branch
GPO Box 4293
Melbourne VIC 3001

Apply for or renew the licence

Download and complete the application form. You must also provide details of:

  • other asbestos removal licences/approvals granted by any Australian state or territory
  • Identification form – natural person to be completed by the individual applicant. You must also provide:
    • 100 points of identification. At least one item of identification must display your photograph and signature
    • identification showing your date of birth
    • 2 verified passport sized photographs
  • Identification form – non-individual to be completed if the applicant is a body corporate or company. (If you have previously completed these identification forms, you do not need to complete them again, unless your details have changed.)
  • detailed information of the personal protective equipment (PPE) that the applicant intends to provide to persons engaged in the asbestos removal work
  • if the applicant intends to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, detailed information on the vacuum cleaner
  • details of laundering arrangements proposed in relation to the asbestos removal work, including the name and address of any laundry intended to be used for the laundering of personal protective clothing
  • detailed information on the type of training undertaken by the employees who are to be engaged in the asbestos removal work (in the form of course certificates, letters from the training provider/institution)
  • nominated supervisors* and their involvement in six most recent asbestos removal jobs, preferably undertaken in the last two years. Give project names, dates, contacts and quantity of asbestos removed. Note supervisors must have at least two years experience in asbestos removal work.

For a Class A licence application you must also provide:

  • a copy of a current health and safety management system certificate, which is clearly related to Asbestos removal and is accredited by JAS-ANZ
  • details of the person who will be responsible for ensuring the certificate is current.

* If you want to add extra site supervisors to your licence, you need to complete the Asbestos Removal Licence - Nomination of Additional Site Supervisor form. To remove site supervisors from your licence, write to WorkSafe and your licence will be updated.

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