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Asbestos Removal Licence - Nomination Of Additional Site Supervisor

About the licence
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About the licence 

Licensed asbestos removalists must appoint one or more supervisors to oversee asbestos removal work. To include additional site supervisors to your licence, you must submit an application to WorkSafe.


  • There is no fee for adding additional site supervisors to your licence.

Where to send the form

WorkSafe Licensing branch
GPO Box 4293
Melbourne VIC 3001

Link to the application form
Asbestos removal licence – nomination of additional site supervisor for an asbestos removalist

Apply for the licence 

Complete the application form and

  • attach copies of proof of training completed by the nominated site supervisor(s) including
    • Course name
    • Date(s) of course completion
    • Type/Scope of course e.g.
    • Friable and non-friable asbestos removal
    • Non-friable asbestos removal only
    • Other: Removal of specific type of asbestos removal (e.g. Water pipes, telecommunications pits and pipes, gasket removal.)
  • provide name and details for each site supervisor including details of their experience in asbestos removal work which includes:
    • at least two years experience
    • details of at least six asbestos removal projects (if six not completed, please advise reason in writing)

To remove a site supervisor from your licence, the licence holder should write to the Manager, Licensing branch.

More information 

  • Contact the Licensing branch on 1300 852 562 or email
  • About asbestos