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Licence To Fill Or Cap Safety Cartridges (non-factory)

About the Licence

You can apply for individual or combinations of the following Explosives licence types:


  • Manufacture explosives in a factory
  • Manufacture explosives at a place other than a factory
  • Fill and cap safety cartridges for commercial purposes
  • Store explosives at a medium scale storage facility
  • Sell or import explosives


If you hold a Victorian licence to operate a major hazard facility, you do not require a licence to manufacture or store explosives


What you need to do/provide

Complete the application form and also provide:


If you are renewing your licence, in addition to providing the information above, please provide your existing licence number.



$40 National Police check

$20 ASIO security assessment (if you have previously had an ASIO security assessment through WorkSafe, you do not need to pay the fee for this again.)


Explosive licence types, issuing, renewal  and amendments fees  


Issue or renewal fee

Amendment fee

Licence to manufacture explosives at a factory



Licence to manufacture explosives at a premises other than a factory




Licence to store explosives in medium scale storage


$250 for each premises*

$87.50 for each premises*

Licence to store explosives above prescribed amounts


$500.00 for each premises*

$175.00 for each premises*

Licence to sell or import explosives



$21.88 for each premises*


*fees apply for additional authorisations applied for on your licence. See the application form for full details.



Licence is valid for up to 5 years


Where to send the form

WorkSafe Licensing branch
GPO Box 4293
Melbourne VIC 3001


Link to the application form

Application for a Licence authorising the manufacture, storage, sale or import of explosives


More information

For information on explosives and the regulations contact WorkSafe's Advisory Service on 1800 136 089 or


For information on licensing requirements when using or transporting explosives: