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Licence To Use Blasting Explosives

About the licence
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About the licence 

A licence to use blasting explosives allows you to use and purchase blasting explosives and may authorise limited manufacture of ammonium nitrate - fuel oil (up to 50kgs) for your own use. Licence holders can also store and transport limited amounts of explosives.

To apply for a licence the applicant must undertake an approved training course and assessment in the use of blasting explosives and requested shot-firing methods through an authorised training provider. Please see a list of training providers below.


  • $62.50 per licence
  • $21.88 for an amendment to the licence
  • $40 National Police check
  • $20 ASIO security assessment (if you have previously completed an ASIO security assessment through WorkSafe you do not need repeat or pay for this assessment again.)

Licence is valid for up to 5 years.

Getting the application form

  • You can get the application form from an Authorised Training Provider (as listed below),  all WorkSafe offices or from WorkSafe's Licensing branch on 1300 852 562.
  • View a sample form

Where to send the form

  • Lodge your completed application form at a participating Australia Post outlet.
  • Ensure your form is completed correctly and all supporting information is provided. Your signature must be witnessed by an Australia Post officer when you lodge your application.
  • An Australia Post officer will check your application form, verify all supporting information and will forward your application to WorkSafe for processing.

Apply for a new licence 

Complete the application form Application for an Explosives Licence and provide the following information:

  • Application to conduct a National Police check and ASIO security assessment form including Drivers licence details (if held)
  • a current interstate blasting explosives licence OR proof of passing a WorkSafe approved test or course at an Authorised Training Provider in either:
    • general blasting
    • oil wells
    • open cut mines and quarries
    • underground mining.
  • 100 points of proof of identity
  • one passport quality and size photograph

For underground blasting, you must provide a letter of experience showing 6 months continuous employment in mines.
For open cut blasting, you must provide a letter of experience showing 12 production shots in open cut mines and quarries

Renew your licence 

Complete the renewal form and provide the following information:

More information 

Service Providers Directory

Find service providers by category and a list of authorised training providers.

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