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Licence To Use Fireworks As A Pyrotechnician

About the licence
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About the licence 

To use fireworks you must hold a licence to use fireworks as a pyrotechnician. This licence also allows you to temporarily store and transport limited amounts of explosives.

You can apply for the following licence types:

  • ground display
  • chinese fireworks
  • theatrical fireworks
  • aerial shells (up to 75mm)
  • aerial shells (up to 100mm)
  • aerial shells (up to 150mm)
  • aerial shells (up to 300mm)
  • aerial salutes (up to 75mm)


  • $62.50 per licence
  • $21.88 for an amendment to the licence
  • $62.50 if an assessment of experience is conducted by WorkSafe.
  • $40 National Police check
  • $20 ASIO security assessment (if you have previously completed an ASIO security assessment through WorkSafe you do not need repeat or pay for this assessment again.)

Licence is valid for up to 5 years.

Getting the application form

  • You can get the application form from a registered training organisation (RTO), all WorkSafe offices or from WorkSafe's Licensing branch on 1300 852 562.
  • To view a sample form, click here.

Where to send the form

  • Lodge your completed application form at a participating Australia Post outlet.
  • Ensure your form is completed correctly and all supporting information is provided. Your signature must be witnessed by an Australia Post officer when you lodge your application.
  • An Australia Post officer will check your application form, verify all supporting information and will forward your application to WorkSafe for processing.

Apply for the licence 

Complete the application form and also provide:

Take your completed unsigned application form and all other information to an Australia Post outlet for processing.

Renew the licence 

Complete the renewal form and provide the following information:

After submitting your renewal form at Australia Post, WorkSafe will contact you, requesting you attend a renewal exam or provide other evidence of training.

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