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Notification Of Dangerous Goods Storage And Handling

About the notification
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About the notification 

Complete this form if your workplace stores or handles dangerous goods in excess of the relevant quantities specified in the table in Schedule 2 of the Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2012.

You should contact WorkSafe to:

  • notify of schedule 2 hazardous chemicals exceeding manifest quantities
  • amend your existing details
  • advise you are no longer using, storing or handling schedule 2 hazardous chemicals at the workplace and it is not likely that you will be using, storing or handling these in future
  • notify the abandonment of an underground, partially underground or fully mounded tank that was used to store flammable gases and flammable liquids.


  • No fee applies.

Notifications are valid for 5 years

Notify WorkSafe 

  • Complete the notification form and submit to the licensing branch. 

Where to send the form

WorkSafe Licensing branch
GPO Box 4293
Melbourne VIC 3001

Link to the notification form
Notification of dangerous goods storage and handling

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