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Registration of Altered Plant Design or Notice of Altered Prescribed Equipment Design

About the registration/notification

The design of plant listed in Schedule 2 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 must be registered with WorkSafe. The design of prescribed equipment listed in Schedule 1 of the Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2017 must be notified to WorkSafe. Find out more about the design registration and prescribed equipment design notice requirements.

Registration / notification requirements may also apply to altered designs.

Altered plant designs

If a plant design has been registered and the design is altered to the extent that the plant is subject to new measures to control risk, the altered design must be registered by WorkSafe or with the corresponding Authority that registered the original plant design before the plant can be used.

Altered prescribed equipment

If a prescribed equipment design notice has been confirmed and that design is altered to the extent that the prescribed equipment is subject to new measures to control risk, notice of the altered design must be provided to WorkSafe. Notice of the altered design must be confirmed by WorkSafe or by the Authority or agency that confirmed notice of the original prescribed equipment design before the prescribed equipment can be used.

How to register/notify an altered design

To apply to register an altered plant design or give notice of an altered prescribed equipment design, the Registration/Notification of Altered Plant Design form must be completed and submitted to WorkSafe.


Fees for a registration of plant design and notice of prescribed equipment design are based on fee units and subject to change each financial year beginning on 1 July. The current fee amount is shown below. Further detail is provided at WorkSafe licence types and fees.

  1. $284.40

Registration/notification is valid for the lifetime of the plant / prescribed equipment unless design alterations are made, then a new Registration/notification of altered plant design form form should be completed and submitted to WorkSafe.

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