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WorkSafe OHS Essentials Program old

Free safety advice that comes to you!

The WorkSafe OHS Essentials Program is a free safety consultation service delivered by an independent occupational health and safety (OHS) consultant. The consultant will come to your workplace, help you identify hazards and provide a practical safety action plan. They'll also provide a follow up service to see how you're tracking with the plan.

It's a great opportunity to learn more about your safety obligations and to receive tailored advice on managing safety in your workplace.

The program is available to small and medium sized businesses with a WorkSafe Insurance Policy. Sole traders with contractors may be also eligible to apply but must hold a WorkSafe Insurance Policy.

Safety Essentials for Small Businesses

Who is it for?Victorian small businesses with limited OHS information and knowledge and less than 20 employees or $1m in remuneration.

How long will it take?
The initial on-site visit will take up to three hours and the follow up on-site visit will take up to two hours.

Safety Essentials for Medium-sized Businesses

Who is it for?Victorian medium-sized businesses with less than 200 employees or $20m in remuneration and an existing knowledge of OHS and return to work.

How long will it take?
The initial on-site visit will take up to six hours and the follow up on-site visit will take up to four hours.

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What you need to know about the consultancy programs

  • Tailored and free safety support
    It's not one size fits all! The safety consultant will learn about how your business works. For example; the type of product or service you provide, how you make or deliver this, the number of staff you have and what health and safety plans you already have. Then they'll take a look around the workplace with you to identify any safety issues that may not have been addressed. They will also provide advice on how to manage safety, consult with your employees and what documentation you may need.
  • You get a safety action plan
    The safety consultant will provide you with a safety action plan. This safety action plan provides you with a priority list of what issues the safety consultant believes need to be addressed, and provides advice on how to go about addressing these issues.
  • Independent safety advice
    The consultant does not tell WorkSafe about the safety issues in the workplace. The consultant is only required to provide WorkSafe with a brief document confirming they have visited and the types of issues discussed with the employer. The employer is required to sign this document. This document will then allow the safety consultant to be paid by WorkSafe for providing assistance to you. The WorkSafe inspectorate is not provided with a list of employers who receive assistance under this program. However, if there is a very serious safety breach, it will be reported to WorkSafe.
  • Speedy service The safety consultant will be forwarded your application for assistance within two days of WorkSafe receiving the request. WorkSafe requires the safety consultant to arrange an appointment and deliver the assistance within 30 days of receiving the request. If your business isn't able to meet with the consultant within 30 days, a later time can be arranged.
    All requests for assistance must be finalised within thee months of application. Businesses can only receive this free service once, however, you can continue to work with the consultant at you own expense.