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What happens during an inspection?

All WorkSafe inspectors carry official identification. When they enter your workplace, they will notify the occupier or person in charge, as well as any health and safety representatives, of their presence. Inspectors can enter any workplace during working hours or when there is an immediate health and safety risk to any person.

While at your workplace the inspector might:

  • provide practical and constructive advice about how to comply with Victoria's health and safety laws
  • advise how to fix any safety breaches they come across
  • issue notices or directions, conduct interviews and make enquiries, take photos and measurements, take samples and items for examination or testing, and read and copy documents.

If an inspector finds serious health and safety breaches at a workplace, it may be referred for further investigation and the employer may be prosecuted. Find out more about the powers of WorkSafe inspectors under health and safety law and WorkSafe investigations and prosecutions.

At the end of an inspection (or as soon as possible afterwards) the inspector will provide a written report that includes a summary of their observations, a description of things they have done, the powers they used and where any photos, sketches or records taken will be available for inspection. 

What do inspectors look for?

Hear first hand from our inspectors – click on the videos below to hear from some of our inspectors and get some advice on actions you can take to improve safety.