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The community support services sector provides a range of support services to individuals, groups and families. Some examples include child and family services, youth services, counselling services, group rehabilitation programs, housing support, refuges, and other social assistance and welfare services.

While these organisations provide different services, many of the workplace injuries that occur are similar and have similar risk controls.

The six most common hazardous tasks that cause injury in Community Support Services are*:

  1. Moving and lifting objects
  2. Using office areas
  3. Transporting people and equipment in vehicles
  4. Preventing slips, trips and falls
  5. Occupational violence
  6. Working alone

*Based on WorkSafe Victoria's accident compensation claim statistics from 2005/06 to 2009/10

You can learn more about ways to control the most common causes of workplace injury in home care by downloading the Community Services OHS Compliance Kit. This kit provides practical advice about controlling the risks associated with the most common hazardous tasks in home care.

Other guidance that may help you includes: