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What are the risks?

The constantly changing nature of construction work distinguishes it from other types of work.

Different hazards and risks emerge on a daily basis and coordination of work to manage risk is further complicated by:

  • staggered commencement and conclusion of stages of a construction project
  • high turnover of workers and temporary workplaces
  • the prevalence of contractors and subcontractors in a highly competitive market.

The hazards faced by construction workers are many and varied. The main causes of injury and death are:

No Go Zones are a common hazard in construction. These include areas in close proximity to overhead or underground utility assets distributing electricity, telecommunications, gas, water or sewerage.

Serious risks to health include noise, hazardous substances, asbestos and UV radiation.

Injuries tend to be serious and the average cost of supporting injured construction workers is nearly 20% higher than in other industries.