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Induction training

Two types of OHS induction training are required before starting work on construction projects – construction induction training and site induction. For more information on site induction refer to Employers duties for site-specific training.

All people performing construction work require proof that they have completed a general OHS construction induction for the industry.

The induction training must be provided by a Registered Training Organisation(RTO).

Note: Owner builders who do construction work at their domestic premises, which is not a workplace, are not required to do CI training.

However, where the premises becomes a workplace due to one or more subcontractors being engaged to do construction work, and the owner builder does construction work while it is a workplace, owner builders are required to complete CI training.

Evidence of training

An employer must accept any of the following things as evidence that the worker has done construction induction training:

  • a construction induction card issued by VWA following successful completion of induction training by an RTO
  • a 'red card', which shows that the person completed the previous Victorian Construction Industry Basic Induction Course, which existed before 1 July 2008. Red cards remain valid after 1 July 2008, and do not need to be transferred to construction induction cards
  • a construction statement of attainment issued by an RTO, pending processing of a construction induction card
  • recognised evidence of construction induction training (for example, a statement or card issued under similar requirements in another Australian state or territory).

How do I book in for my training?

Contact an RTO to book in to an approved construction induction training course.

Information for RTOs and prospective training providers

The Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority has accredited the Course in Construction (OH&S Induction). Construction Induction Training: Information for Registered Training Organisations provides advice for RTOs seeking to register to deliver this unit of competency.

More information

For more information about induction training refer to