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Work safely in Elevating Work Platforms


WorkSafe is introducing a new safety initiative to raise awareness of the dangers associated with overhead structures when operating elevating work platforms (EWPs). 

This new initiative aims to increase operator awareness of the risks from overhead structures when operating EWPs with a short safety animation that can be accessed by scanning a QR code sticker located on the equipment.

Scan, watch and stay safe

Using a QR code reader app on their mobile phones, EWP operators can scan the sticker and view a 60 second safety animation, highlighting the crush risks from overhead structures and electric shock risks from power lines. WorkSafe has developed separate animations for both boom lifts and scissor lifts that illustrate common scenarios of striking overhead structures for each type of EWP.

View the safety animations for both scissor lifts and boom lifts.

Need for more guidance on the hazards when operating EWPs?

This initiative has been introduced as a result of numerous incidents where workers have struck overhead structures while manoeuvring boom and scissor EWPs. This has resulted in workers dying or suffering injuries (often severe) from being crushed against structures or electric shocks from striking power lines.

Help increase awareness of hazards with operating EWPs

WorkSafe is encouraging businesses that own their own EWPs to order and place the QR sticker on their equipment to help increase their employees' awareness of the risk of striking overhead structures and power lines when they operate the EWP.


Scissor lift
Boom lift
QR code linking to animation on a web page
QR code linking to animation on a web page

The QR code stickers can be ordered from WorkSafe Victoria by emailing and include in the subject line 'EWP stickers'. Please also state in emails how many stickers are required for each type of EWP (i.e. scissor or boom) and include a company and contact name, and postal address for delivery of the stickers.