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Early Learning

Injury Hotspots - discover common injuries in this industry

In Victoria's early learning centres and kindergartens, 'safety' often focuses on the needs of children. But these centres are also workplaces which must meet OHS laws to keep workers safe.

Every year, more than 200 workers are seriously injured in Victorian early learning centres and kindergartens. Most of these are musculoskeletal injuries (sprains and strains, fractures and soft tissue injuries).

Over the last three years (2012/13 to 2014/15) there were 942 claims in Child Care Services, with more than 60% of these claims related to musculoskeletal disorders. These claims have cost almost $47 million dollars.Summary of WorkSafe visits to early learning centres

The six most hazardous tasks that cause injury in the Early Learning sector are:

  1. Lifting children in/out of cots and highchairs or on/off change tables
  2. Working at low levels
  3. Moving equipment
  4. Storing supplies and equipment
  5. Using office areas
  6. Maintaining indoor and outdoor areas

You can learn more about ways to control the most common causes of workplace injury in early learning by downloading the Children's Services OHS Compliance Kit. This kit provides practical advice about controlling the risks associated with the most common hazardous tasks in early learning.

A further safety solution provides additional advice about designing change table steps for children.

The following posters are also available for display in your centres. Poster 1 and Poster 2