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Horticulture Safety Guide

The Horticultural Safety Guide is designed to help you improve Occupational Health and Safety on your property by teaching you how to control the hazards on your property and take the necessary steps to improve safety in the workplace.

The complete document consists of 6 sections. For ease of use and download purposes, the guide has been divided into download sections. Each section contains a number of checklists. 

1. Introduction

The Introduction section includes: Acknowledgements. 

2. General Information

The General Information section includes: How to use this guide, Property Checklist, Legislation and Terms and Definitions.

Relevant checklist:

3. Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures section includes: Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control, Personal Protective Equipment, Consultation and Communication, Policies and Procedures, Induction and Training, Contractors and Seasonal Workers.

Relevant checklists:


4. Environment

The Environment section includes: Amenities, Traffic, Working Environment and Child Safety.

Relevant checklists:

5. Hazards

The Hazards section includes: Plant, Farm Chemicals, Manual Handling, Working at Heights, Electricity, Confined Spaces, Workshop, Pruning and Wine Bins.

Relevant checklists:


6. Emergency Response

The Emergency Response section includes: Emergency Procedures, First Aid and Incident Reporting.

Relevant checklists: