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Hospitals are the largest contributor to employment in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector. In Victoria, a broad range of public, private and not for profit hospitals and health services operate and employ a range of different people including doctors, nurses and allied health workers.

A substantial increase in employment is projected over the next five years across all sectors of the industry. This increase combined with other key factors likely to impact on the industry include an ageing workforce and population growth, a need to expand hospital networks and increased demand on the complexity of care - will increase risks to those working within hospitals and is likely to impact on the provision of care and patient safety.

Over the past three years there have been almost 4,000 claims from the hospitals sub-sector, accounting for 31% of the total claims for the Health Care and Social Assistance industry. More than half of those claims are a result of body stressing which is related to manual handling. Other risks in the hospitals subsector include stress, bullying , occupational violence and aggression, workplace bullying, and slips, trips and falls.

The following guidance may be useful for those working in hospitals and health services:

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