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Who else has roles?

The local community

As a resident, worker, business operator or other person involved in the local community, you can access information about a MHF from the local council, local libraries, or directly from the MHF operator.

The sort of information available for you includes:

  • a summary of the Safety Case and a copy of the licence
  • information on operations at the MHF and the materials used there.
  • information on the range of hazards at the facility and potential major incidents.
  • how the local community would be notified should a major incident occur, and what people should do.

Local council/s

Councils representing local communities are entitled to information in accordance with the regulations and to assist the MHF with emergency management planning in relation to the off-site consequences of an incident.

Sometimes, a MHF's local community may be within the boundaries of two or more municipalities. Some councils have several MHFs within their boundaries.

See Approved Major Hazard Facilities

Council involvement with a MHF includes:

  • receiving information on the MHF's emergency plan relating to off-site consequences.
  • consultation on emergency planning as it affects the community.
  • the MHF working with council emergency planning staff.
  • receiving information on the MHF for emergency planning purposes.
  • receiving information to be held at public libraries.

The MHF must provide a copy of parts of the facility's emergency plan to councils relating to the off-site consequences of a major incident. Councils must be involved in the preparation of the MHF's emergency plan and in the review of plans.

WorkSafe consults with councils during relevant inquiries on MHF issues such as determination, deregistration or licence surrender.

Emergency service organisation or other Victorian government agencies

Coordination of agencies involved in regulation of MHFs is important to ensure efficient and effective administration of all regulations governing these facilities. To help achieve this, WorkSafe and key Victorian government agencies involved with MHFs have entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs).

Emergency services also have a role under the regulations to be consulted by MHF operators on emergency planning. Emergency services must be involved in MHF emergency plan preparation, and in periodical testing and review of plans.

The MHF must provide copies of the Emergency Plan to emergency services and have a copy available on site for them.

MOU agencies are consulted by WorkSafe during relevant inquiries on MHF issues such as determination of a site as a MHF, Safety Case assessment, deregistration or licence surrender.