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Poultry Processing

Main Causes of Injury
The main causes of injury in the industry are:
Sprain and strain injuries to muscles, tendons, etc caused by hazardous manual handling – lifting, carrying reaching, twisting, stretching, adopting awkward postures and through repetitive use of particular muscle groups.

Over the last few years, well over 60% of all claims were for musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) caused by mostly manual handling activities. Typically, 50% or more of all MSD occur to the upper body (i.e. hands/wrists, arms, shoulders & upper back).
Other common causes of injuries are amputations, usually of fingers from sharp instruments and plant, and slips, trips and falls.

Manual Handling In Poultry Processing - Safety Development Fund
"Manual Handling Solution In Poultry Processing" highlights 10 key tasks typically encountered in the poultry industry and solutions on how best to manage the manual handling associated with the tasks to minimise risk of injury.

Industry Guidance

WorkSafe's American counterpart, the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OHSA) have produced publications on improving health and safety in the poultry processing industry. Specific guidelines to reduce ergonomic related injuries in the industry are currently being developed. An electronic compliance tool has been developed with checklists and risk control solutions for each stage of processing of poultry.

OSHA released an ergonomic guideline for the poultry processing industry.

The Queensland Government has produced a guide describing typical hazards in the poultry industry and control options.

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