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I have a new small business

Starting a small business brings with it workplace safety and WorkSafe insurance responsibilities. Learn more about whether you need insurance and how to make your workplace safe.

Do I need to take out WorkSafe insurance?

If you expect to pay more than $7,500 a year in rateable remuneration, or if you have any apprentices or trainees, you must take out a WorkSafe insurance policy.

This applies even if you are a small company with only one worker. Sole traders may also need a policy if they have apprentices or trainees. If you are unsure, watch this short video.

Yes, I need insurance

You will need to apply for WorkSafe insurance. You can register online or download an application form and send it to a WorkSafe agent. Agents are insurance companies appointed by WorkSafe to manage insurance policies and injured workers' compensation claims.

No, I don't need insurance

You do not need to take out a policy at this time. However, don't forget to check again if you have any changes in your remuneration or if you put on more staff or hire trainees or apprentices.

What if I use a contractor?

If the work the contractor is undertaking for you makes up more than 80% of their total workload, it is likely that what you are paying them needs to be included as part of your rateable remuneration. You can help determine this by using our Contractors and Workers Assessment tool.

If you are a sole trader who does not need WorkSafe injury insurance, you may still have OHS obligations.

How do I make sure my workplace is safe?

Managing health and safety does not need to be difficult. WorkSafe provides a range of practical services and information you can use to get you on your way, including information on identifying and fixing safety issues.

  • OHS Essentials program – a free safety consultation service delivered by an independent occupational health and safety consultant.
  • Industry/topic specific – if you want information specific to your industry or a topic (for example, manual handling, slips, trips and falls, working alone), refer to our industry  or topics pages.

Are there any other OHS requirements I need to know about?

In Victoria, certain machinery or plant, such as forklifts, need to be registered with WorkSafe. You may also need to be licensed for certain activities, such as using fireworks or driving a truck that transports dangerous goods.