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My business has grown

As your business grows, your health and safety and WorkSafe insurance requirements may change. You might have specific questions, or need to know what to do if a workers is injured.

WorkSafe insurance

If your remuneration has changed or you have put on more staff, you need to update your details as this may impact on your premium. If you do not have a policy, an increase in remuneration may require you to have one. If you are unsure whether you need to take out a policy, watch this short video.

An injured worker and return to work

There are certain things you need to do if one of your workers is injured, including incident notification, managing the claims process and helping your injured worker with their recovery and return to work.

Workplace safety

  • OHS Essentials program – a free safety consultation service delivered by an independent occupational health and safety consultant.
  • Industry/topic specific – if you want information specific to your industry or a topic (for example, manual handling, slips, trips and falls, working alone), refer to our industry or topics pages.

If you cannot find what you need, call the Worksafe Advisory Service.

Further information

See Business Victoria for general information relating to starting and operating a small business in Victoria. You may also want to contact your relevant industry association.