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We=re drawing the line on dodgy tools. Click here to find out moreThe Victorian construction industry employs around 225,000 Victorian workers – one of the state's fastest growing industries.

Construction work is high risk. Every week, 50 Victorian construction workers are seriously injured and have to stop work, often because basic site safety is not up to scratch.

VWA is committed to improving safety in the construction industry. While big inroads have been made in improving safety in commercial construction, injury rates remain too high, particularly on domestic construction sites.

VWA inspectors are now visiting construction sites as part of a three year, state-wide 'Back to basics' campaign. With one in three injuries on site caused by the gear you use every day – we're making sure tradies are using the right tools and equipment for the job. We're also checking your supervision, planning, and housekeeping systems are up to scratch.

To help you get ready for a workplace inspection, take a look at the information on these pages.

New handbook: Lift Work on Construction Projects
This handbook provides advice for employers, employees, health and safety representatives (HSRs), and anyone who has a role in health and safety about controlling risks associated with the installation or refurbishment of lifts (lift work) on construction projects.

Your health and safety guide to