Farms are inherently dangerous workplaces.  Farmers and farm workers are more likely to be seriously injured or die at work than other Victorians. The farming industry employs about 3% of the Victorian workforce, however it accounts for approximately one-third of workplace deaths across the State.

This web guide will help you understand the risks of working in farming and will explain what you need to do to make your workplace safer.

Clearing sales: supplying used machinery and equipment

Before selling used machinery or equipment you need to ensure that it is safe to use and that the purchaser is provided with safe use information. This information on this page will help you make sure you are meeting your legal obligations.

Quad bike safety on farms
Quad bikes (four-wheeled motorbikes) are popular and useful machines that help Australian farmers tend to crops and livestock quickly and efficiently. However, quad bikes are also a significant cause of death and injury on Victorian farms.

WorkSafe has developed a handbook to encourage the safe use of quad bikes. It outlines legal requirements and strategies to ensure the safe operation of quad bikes on farms. 

WorkSafe has also produced advice on helmets for quad bike operators here, and quad bikes using attachments, loads and towing here.

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