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3% of Victorians work on farms. Yet almost 30% of workplace deaths occur on them.  

While Victorian workplaces have never been safer, Victorian farms remain the most dangerous. Almost 30 per cent of all workplace deaths in the past five years have been on farms.

Fatalities and injuries aren't just happening to young and inexperienced farmers, they're happening to all farmers – even experienced farmers.

Enough is enough.

It's up to every man and woman working on the land to stop and think about safety.

Because those few seconds could save your life. And your livelihood.

Farm deaths are preventable.

What you can do

First know your legal duties.

Then ensure you comply with your legal duties using the guidance and resources available in the Farm Safety - Health and Safety Guide. This guidance takes you through the important steps for farm safety, these are to:

The Greatest Risks

As you know, farmers and farm workers face many hazards on the job. You can see the most common injury risks in WorkSafe's Injury Hotspots Tool for Agriculture, along with recommended safety solutions.

WorkSafe has recently accepted rollover protection devices as a means of controlling the risk. Find more information on Worksafe's quad bike policies.