Crowd Control
Managing crowds involves significant risk. The extent, severity and exposure to risk will vary depending on the circumstances that crowd controllers find themselves in, how well they have been prepared and how effectively risks have been controlled.

'Crowd Control At Venues And Events -A Practical Occupational Health And Safety Guide' provides comprehensive guidance on how to effectively security the health, safety and welfare of crowd control and venue staff and just as importantly, patrons attending venues and events.

Cash In Transit
Publication which covers hazards, risks, safety and security risk assessments, vehicles, cash limits incidents such as robbery and post hold up procedures and includes a sample form and guidelines for risk assessment.

Injury Break Down â€" Security Industry
The most common injuries/diseases reported by the security industry are musculoskeletal disorders (typically due to poor manual handling), fractures/cuts/open wounds, stress and others (i.e. crushing/contusions etc).

injury breakdown

Standards claims (those exceeding 10 days off work or exceeding the medical and like limit) over the last 5 years is illustrated below.

security industry - standard claims
The following graphs below illustrates the Claims Frequency Rate (number of claims per $1 million remuneration ) and the average claim cost for the security industry as compared to the overall WorkSafe scheme and the average for the manufacturing industry as a whole.
claims frequency rate
Claims Cost
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