WorkSafe has a long history of memorable and effective marketing campaigns that raise awareness for return to work, workplace safety and influence safe workplace behaviours.

  1. New Safety Campaign

    Workplace safety is not just one thing. It’s your physical and mental wellbeing. It's everything.
    WorkSafe's new advertising campaign draws on the real-life experiences of Victorians to highlight the changing nature of what it means to be safe and healthy at work.

  2. Melbourne Victory Sponsorship

    Melbourne Victory Ambassador Archie Thompson on his return to the game after injury.

  3. Jobs at Home Day 2017

    WorkSafe's Jobs at Home Day campaign asks Victorians to create and order a custom badge to wear to work on the official Jobs at Home Day, reminding them to stay safe at work so they can come home to the jobs that need them most.

  4. Occupational violence and aggression

    Up to 95% of our healthcare workers have experienced verbal or physical assault. It's never ok.

  5. Young Workers 2016

    'Young Workers' ran from mid-August to mid-November 2016 and was a major social media and digital campaign.

  6. Stay Safe

    With the holiday season being a traditionally dangerous time of year WorkSafe is pleading with employers and workers to take a step back and focus on safety.

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