Young Workers 2016

'Young Workers' ran from mid-August to mid-November 2016 and was a major social media and digital campaign featuring imitation CCTV footage of a series of young workers in the construction, retail, hospitality and manufacturing sectors about to make potentially catastrophic workplace decisions.

Campaign purpose

Young workers are highly vulnerable to workplace injury with almost 50 young people aged 15-24 injured every week.

Young workers in construction, retail, hospitality and manufacturing continue to have the most injury claims, with hand, finger and back injuries most common.

WorkSafe research highlights that many young workers do not receive proper training, have a lack of understanding of their rights and responsibilities and do not see themselves as a 'high risk group'.

Campaign overview

Each of the mock CCTV films ends with a series of workplace safety messages about the rights and responsibilities of young workers, with the main message "it's ok to speak up if you believe something is unsafe." The campaign was specifically aimed at attracting the attention of young workers through digital and social media channels – channels familiar to young people given they are 'digital natives.'

As part of the campaign, we also reached out to employers in high-risk industries (construction, retail, hospitality and manufacturing) and sent them tip cards on how best to support their young workers. The main message – it is imperative that employers provide adequate training, support and information to their young workers.

Campaign examples

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