Community consultation

WorkSafe's stakeholder engagement framework details our values and guiding principles. It's part of WorkSafe's response to reinvigorating its approach in a way that:

  • Ensures a coherent and consistent approach to stakeholder engagement across WorkSafe
  • Commits to a set of clear guiding principles for all stakeholder engagement activity
  • Builds capacity for WorkSafe staff to effectively manage stakeholder relationships
  • Strengthens oversight and accountability measures to ensure the framework is implemented
  • Confirms WorkSafe's commitment to and principles for engaging with stakeholders.

Current consultations

All current and recent community consultations are featured here.

  1. Strategy 2030

    WorkSafe would like to thank the individuals and organisations who shared their insights and expertise in response to our Strategy 2030 community consultation paper.

  2. Independent OHS Review

    Learn more about the independent review of the effectiveness of WorkSafe's compliance and enforcement activities.

  3. OHS Regulations Reform

    In 2016 the proposed new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 and Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2017 were made available for public comment and 61 submissions were received. WorkSafe considered and responded to all submissions before finalising the Regulations.

  4. Compliance Codes Review

    With the new OHS Regulations 2017 having commenced in June, the compliance codes that align with the regulations are now under review. In consultation with stakeholders, WorkSafe has updated the codes and are making them available for public comment.

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