WorkSafe Strategy 2030

Creating safer and healthier workplaces for all Victorians.

What is Strategy 2030?

Strategy 2030 is aiming to create safer and healthier workplaces.

The strategy will deliver greater social and economic value to the Victorian community through the regulation of workplace health and safety and delivery of the workers' compensation scheme.

Strategy 2030 proposes to transform WorkSafe into a streamlined service delivery organisation. A key foundation of this work will be the incorporation of innovative and modern technology, allowing us to be digitally-enabled in the way we deliver our services.

Strategy 2030 consultation cover

Strategy 2030 discussion paper

This discussion paper sets out the broad scope and context of Strategy 2030.

It outlines the reasons for a long-term approach to the development of our next corporate strategy, and highlights the key themes that will influence the direction of the strategy.

Your input will be used to inform implementation of Strategy 2030.

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