About the licence

Owners of dangerous goods transport vehicles are required to licence each vehicle. Each vehicle is licensed according to the class of dangerous goods carried if:

  • The dangerous goods on the vehicle are in a receptacle with a capacity of more than 500 litres or 500 kilograms
  • The goods are in an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) and total capacity of all IBCs containing dangerous goods on the vehicle is more than 3000 litres.

Dangerous goods include materials such as:

  • flammable liquids (petrol, kerosene, turpentine, flammable paints etc.)
  • corrosives (hydrochloric acid)
  • flammable gases (LP Gas)
  • non-flammable non-toxic gases (CO2).

Note: The driver must also hold a licence to transport dangerous goods.

A vehicle licence is not required for:

  • the prime mover of a semi-trailer or combination vehicle, or
  • a trailer with 1 axle group or single axle and a fifth wheel coupling, designed to convert a semi-trailer into a dog trailer.


Licence fee per vehicle.

5 years

This licence is valid for 5 years.

Apply for or renew a licence