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Please note: The new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regulations) started on 18 June 2017. Documents from before this date do not align to the OHS Regulations 2017, but you can continue to use them as a source of practical, non-statutory guidance. Some are under review and will be updated.


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PDF File, 166.3 KB | Asset ID: 217350

Dental services fee schedule 2017

PDF File, 1.8 MB | Asset ID: 212029

WorkSafe's dental services fee schedule for 2017.

Call centres - preventing vocal fatigue: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 77.7 KB | Asset ID: 210676

Advice to help manage the risk of vocal fatigue at call centres.

Construction - lifting plant onto roofs: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 226.8 KB | Asset ID: 210682

Problems, risk and solutions for lifting plant or equipment onto roofs.

Evacuation lighting on construction sites: Information about

PDF File, 260.5 KB | Asset ID: 209779

Clarification on the requirements for emergency lighting and exit signage on designated emergency evacuation routes on construction sites.

Ministerial directions under section 118(b) of the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013

PDF File, 203.4 KB | Asset ID: 209381

The purpose of this direction is to set out the procedure to facilitate the resolution of issues that arise at a workplace between an employer and a worker concerning the worker’s return to work if there is no relevant agreed procedure for resolution of those issues.

Premium public ruling: Homogenous workplaces

PDF File, 40.0 KB | Asset ID: 209922

Information on homogenous workplaces under the premium public ruling.

Seminar 2 - Part 1 Major incident identification

PDF File, 3.5 MB | Asset ID: 210010

A presentation (seminar 2, part 1) providing information on major hazard incident identification.

12 ways to make small business safer: A handbook for workplaces

PDF File, 5.8 MB | Asset ID: 207980

This handbook describes 12 workplace health and safety hazards that safety inspectors regularly find during visits to small businesses.

15 minute farm safety check

PDF File, 101.7 KB | Asset ID: 210497

A checklist for farmers to identify hazards on the farm that may cause injury or death. The law states that every farm should be a safe workplace.

2010 WorkSafe Victoria Awards recipient: Kooka Brothas Pty Ltd - lightweight half size pallet

PDF File, 80.4 KB | Asset ID: 209867

Information about award winner Kooka Brotha's lightweight pallet from the 2010 WorkSafe Victoria Awards.

A guide to designing workplaces for safer handling of people: For health, aged care, rehabilitation and disability facilities

PDF File, 1.3 MB | Asset ID: 207928

Details for the design and layout of new facilities, renovations or current workplaces at risk of contributing to injuries.

A guide to falls prevention

PDF File, 668.9 KB | Asset ID: 211195

A guide for employers and workers about the risks involved in falls from heights in the workplace.

A guide to hoist operation

PDF File, 8.4 MB | Asset ID: 210843

A guide that outlines the safe operation of hoists and assists trainees prepare for a certificate of competency assessment.

A guide to risk control plans

PDF File, 1.3 MB | Asset ID: 211204

A guide for employers seeking to prepare an effective Risk Control Plan.

A guide to safe use of glutaraldehyde - for cold disinfection of medical instruments

PDF File, 68.2 KB | Asset ID: 210333

Information on the safe use of glutaraldehyde for the cold disinfection of medical instruments where it is not practicable to eliminate its use.

A guide to the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013

PDF File, 795.7 KB | Asset ID: 209388

A guide to help you understand the Workplace Rehabilitation Injury and Compensation Act 2013.

A guide to workplace amenities and first aid

PDF File, 565.8 KB | Asset ID: 211221

A guide to help you understand what has to be done about amenities and first aid at your workplace.

A report on the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004: Administrative review

PDF File, 498.1 KB | Asset ID: 207993

A report on how the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act) is working and what might be done to improve WorkSafe’s operations to make Victorian workplaces safer.

A summary of compliance, enforcement and prosecution policy

PDF File, 130.8 KB | Asset ID: 208433

Details about WorkSafe and how it manages regulatory functions that relate to preventing workplace and work-related deaths, injuries and illness.

Access to WorkSafe claim information request form

PDF File, 35.0 KB | Asset ID: 207940

This form is designed to assist workers to access information relevant to their WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) claim.

Accident Compensation (WorkCover Insurance) Act 1993: Premiums Order (No. 14) 2006/2007

PDF File, 1.4 MB | Asset ID: 209928

This order specifies the methods to be used in calculating the premiums payable by employers for WorkCover insurance policies.

Accident Compensation Act review: A guide

PDF File, 845.7 KB | Asset ID: 215390

The Accident Compensation Act review guide by Peter Hanks QC.

Accident Compensation Act review: Final report

PDF File, 3.1 MB | Asset ID: 215391

The Accident Compensation Act final report review by Peter Hanks QC.

Accident Compensation Amendment Act 2010: Commencement dates for weekly payment benefits

PDF File, 242.8 KB | Asset ID: 207805

A report outlining the commencement date of benefits in the form of weekly payments and the claim impacts.

Accident Compensation Amendment Bill 2009

PDF File, 2.1 MB | Asset ID: 207809

A Bill for an Act to amend the Accident Compensation Act 1985 and the Accident Compensation (WorkCover Insurance) Act 1993, to consequentially amend certain other Acts and for other purposes.

Accident Compensation Amendment Bill 2009 Q&A

PDF File, 95.0 KB | Asset ID: 207798

A Q&A on the Accident Compensation Bill 2009.

Acupuncture policy

PDF File, 121.6 KB | Asset ID: 209829

WorkSafe's policy for service providers treating injured workers.

Acupuncture services fee schedule 2015

PDF File, 211.0 KB | Asset ID: 207390

WorkSafe's acupuncture services fee schedule for 2015.

Acupuncture services fee schedule 2016

PDF File, 122.8 KB | Asset ID: 207391

WorkSafe's acupuncture services fee schedule for 2016.

Acupuncture services fee schedule 2017

PDF File, 240.5 KB | Asset ID: 212024

WorkSafe's acupuncture services fee schedule for 2017.

Acupuncture services: Fee schedule 2018

PDF File, 459.8 KB | Asset ID: 219687

Acupuncture services fee schedule. Effective as at 1 July 2018

Adding a workplace to a workcover insurance registration

PDF File, 220.1 KB | Asset ID: 210523

Apply to add a workplace to a WorkSafe insurance policy. Personal information is collected for the purpose of updating your WorkCover insurance registration.

Addressing family violence in the workplace: Information for employers

PDF File, 233.3 KB | Asset ID: 216976

An information sheet that aims to assist employers understand the impacts of family violence in the workplace.

Advice for a licence to use a scheduled carcinogen

PDF File, 52.4 KB | Asset ID: 210220

Advice on obtaining a licence for using hazardous substance carcinogen in the workplace. Licensing allows authorities to identify users of scheduled carcinogens in laboratories and workplaces.

Advice for managing major events safely

PDF File, 643.0 KB | Asset ID: 211345

Advice for event organisers, venue owners and suppliers regarding safety and duties of care through integrated event safety planning.

Aged care facility resident handling assessment tool

MS Word Document, 3.5 MB | Asset ID: 211346

A tool for employers in the residential aged care sector to assess internal safety management systems for handling residents.

Agent performance results 2005/06

PDF File, 429.6 KB | Asset ID: 209577

A summary of WorkSafe Agent performance for 2005/06.

Agent performance results 2012/13

PDF File, 86.1 KB | Asset ID: 209578

A summary of WorkSafe Agent performance for 2012/13.

Agent performance results 2015/16

PDF File, 116.1 KB | Asset ID: 213007

A summary of WorkSafe Agent performance for 2015/16.

Agreed actions record: Safety management systems guide for labour hire agencies

MS Word Document, 109.1 KB | Asset ID: 215668

A form for labour hire agencies to use to ensure that everyone agrees what needs to be done to manage safety.

ALA presentation: Strategic overview Strategy 2012

PDF File, 2.9 MB | Asset ID: 215686

ALA presentation to plaintiff lawyers.

Alert: Excavator operator drowns

PDF File, 25.1 KB | Asset ID: 208384

This alert highlights to employers and operators the dangers of working close to water.

Alert: High visibility shirt catches fire

PDF File, 65.5 KB | Asset ID: 208385

This alert informs employers and workers of the danger of synthetic high visibility clothing catching fire when flames or ignition sources are present.

Alert: Mini crawler cranes overturn

PDF File, 60.7 KB | Asset ID: 208388

This alert highlights to owners, operators and users of mini crawler cranes the dangers of overturning.

Alert: Nail gun injuries are avoidable

PDF File, 43.4 KB | Asset ID: 208088

An alert to warn employers, operators and other workers about the dangers of using nail guns and provides basic advice on the control of risks.

Alert: Reported deterioration of particulate filters – update

PDF File, 39.3 KB | Asset ID: 208389

This Alert is an update of Reported deterioration of particulate filters which was issued in June 2007.

Alfred Health ABI rehabilitation services policy

PDF File, 459.6 KB | Asset ID: 209580

This policy details the provision of services by Alfred Health to workers with severe acquired brain injury (ABI).

All foundations for safety: Induction cards are equal

PDF File, 124.4 KB | Asset ID: 209581

Description coming soon.

Allied health independent medical examinations fee schedule 2015

PDF File, 228.8 KB | Asset ID: 207474

WorkSafe's allied health independent medical examinations fee schedule for 2015.

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