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Notification of asbestos removal online system user guide for asbestos removalists

PDF File, 721.3 KB | Asset ID: 211882

Instructional guide for licensed asbestos removalists using WorkSafe's online system for notification of asbestos removal.

Bushfire recovery: Exposure to asbestos from bushfire affected areas

PDF File, 245.4 KB | Asset ID: 207915

Advice on how to handle bushfire affected areas which may lead to an exposure of asbestos, and how to prevent asbestos spreading and the contamination.

Asbestos: A handbook for workplaces

PDF File, 1.4 MB | Asset ID: 211350

A handbook that provides information about asbestos. It explains what it is, where it can be found in workplaces and the health risks for people exposed to airborne asbestos dust. It also outlines who has legal duties in workplaces and their main duties.

Asbestos: Information about

PDF File, 288.0 KB | Asset ID: 211194

Information about the risks and requirements of working with or removing asbestos, and where to get further advice.

More information about asbestos register

PDF File, 185.7 KB | Asset ID: 211184

A guide for employers or a person who manages or controls a workplace, about the asbestos register. The register must be provided to a person engaged to undertake demolition or refurbishment work on a building, or structure where asbestos is present.

Safety alert: Management and disposal of asbestos

PDF File, 137.7 KB | Asset ID: 211386

This safety alert highlights the importance of safe asbestos management and disposal in Victoria.

Safety alert: Asbestos bags used as carpet underlay and pipe lagging

PDF File, 98.7 KB | Asset ID: 210408

Safety alert about hessian bags, previously used to transport asbestos, being used in carpet underlay and pipe lagging.

Improving safety for those who deal with asbestos: Information sheet

PDF File, 18.1 KB | Asset ID: 208581

Details on improving safety for those who deal with asbestos under the OHS regulations 2007.

Managing asbestos in workplaces: A step by step guide

PDF File, 2.5 MB | Asset ID: 211365

A guide about the management of asbestos in workplaces.

Compliance code: Removing asbestos in workplaces

PDF File, 3.3 MB | Asset ID: 207970

Safety measures you should apply when removing asbestos to avoid illness affecting the respiratory system.

Safety alert: Asbestos in imported building

PDF File, 208.5 KB | Asset ID: 211887

This safety alert provides information about how to make sure that imported building products do not contain asbestos.

Asbestos: Contaminated soil

PDF File, 373.2 KB | Asset ID: 211349

A guide for any person (including employers, removalists and commercial contractors) inspecting, removing, transporting and disposing of asbestos contaminated soil.

Criteria for the licensing of an asbestos removalists

PDF File, 171.1 KB | Asset ID: 211873

Information about the criteria for the licensing of an asbestos removalists.

Managing domestic non-friable asbestos: Self-assessment checklist

PDF File, 394.6 KB | Asset ID: 209692

Checklist for managers and operators of facilities who receive non-friable asbestos waste from domestic sources for short term storage and disposal.

Fire damaged non-friable asbestos containing material

PDF File, 121.7 KB | Asset ID: 211430

A guide about fire damaged non-friable asbestos containing material (ACM).

Q&A: Order concerning the removal of asbestos from premises damaged in the 2009 Victorian bushfire

PDF File, 259.2 KB | Asset ID: 207927

A Q&A on the order concerning the removal of asbestos from premises damaged in the 2009 Victorian bushfires.

Asbestos removal licence - nomination of an additional site supervisor

PDF File, 161.3 KB | Asset ID: 211863

An application form for nominating an additional site supervisor in relation to licensed asbestos removal.

Compliance code: Managing asbestos in workplaces

PDF File, 1.8 MB | Asset ID: 207969

Information on the dangers of being exposed to asbestos fibres, and how they pose a risk to health in the workplace.

Safety alert: Coveralls used for asbestos removal

PDF File, 58.4 KB | Asset ID: 210417

Safety alert about the dangers of wearing unsuitable disposable coveralls for asbestos removal work.

Identification and control of asbestos in workplaces

PDF File, 198.7 KB | Asset ID: 211176

A guide for employers and persons with management or control of workplaces to identify and control risks associated with asbestos.

Labelling asbestos in workplaces

PDF File, 233.3 KB | Asset ID: 211179

A guide for employers and persons with management or control of workplaces about labelling asbestos in workplaces.

Removing asbestos - before demolition or refurbishment

PDF File, 245.4 KB | Asset ID: 211382

Guidelines on identifying and removing fixed or installed asbestos before demolition and refurbishment is carried out in the workplace or on a plant.

Application for a license to operate as an asbestos removalist

PDF File, 391.6 KB | Asset ID: 211872

An application form for licence to operate as an asbestos removalist.

Notification of asbestos removal

PDF File, 208.6 KB | Asset ID: 211868

A form to notify WorkSafe of an asbestos removal.

Asbestos: Cement water pipe management

PDF File, 175.6 KB | Asset ID: 211347

A guide to hekp contractors (and others) engaged or responsible for removing or replacing (including rehabilitating) asbestos-cement pipe.

Asbestos-containing products in motor vehicle workshops

PDF File, 397.2 KB | Asset ID: 211348

A guide for employers and workers in the automotive repair industry to avoid the risk of exposure to asbestos dust.

Asbestos: Dangerous goods order

PDF File, 20.3 KB | Asset ID: 207720

A dangerous goods order prohibiting the removal of certain asbestos at workplaces.

Medical practitioner notification: Asbestos

PDF File, 44.6 KB | Asset ID: 208275

A form for asbestos removalists to detail their medical exam information for WorkSafe.

Notice of exemption for chrysotile containing material form

PDF File, 57.1 KB | Asset ID: 210565

Form to notify WorkSafe of the proposal to use asbestos containing chrysotile material.

Bushfire recovery: Recycling of metal and other material from bushfire damaged properties

PDF File, 244.0 KB | Asset ID: 207922

How to recycle metal and other materials from bushfire damaged properties. They must be inspected for asbestos.

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