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Guide to safety in wood products manufacturing industry

PDF File, 775.6 KB | Asset ID: 211258

A guide about how best to reduce or eliminate the risks of injuries in the wood products manufacturing industry.

Construction industry program incident report: Possible manufacturing errors in some “HL 89” adjustable baseplates for scaffolds

PDF File, 163.2 KB | Asset ID: 210177

Advice on manufacturing errors of HL89 scaffolding adjustable baseplates - referred to as screw jacks - where there appears to be poor welding. Victorian suppliers of All Thread Industries adjustable baseplates have agreed to notify all sites if any problems arise.

Guarding of manual lathes

PDF File, 368.9 KB | Asset ID: 208105

Advice for employers on how to reduce the risk of serious injury or death from use of manual lathes in manufacturing and maintenance work.

Using equipment to access stock: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 226.6 KB | Asset ID: 207711

Advice for using appropriate equipment to place or retrieve items from shelves or racks at heights in the retail, stock and manufacturing industries.

Working with lead - handling lead powder compounds: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 82.4 KB | Asset ID: 210841

Problems, risks and solutions for workers handling dry lead powder compounds, such as PVC manufacturing.

Approved reduced safety distance - Reg 821 (Fireworks)

PDF File, 63.9 KB | Asset ID: 210179

Information on the risks involved in the manufacturing, storage, transport, disposal and importing of explosives. You need to be a licensed pyrotechnician to discharge fireworks in Victoria.

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