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Please note: The new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regulations) started on 18 June 2017. Documents from before this date do not align to the OHS Regulations 2017, but you can continue to use them as a source of practical, non-statutory guidance. Some are under review and will be updated.


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Safety alert: Confined spaces on farms

PDF File, 195.7 KB | Asset ID: 211888

This safety alert highlights the danger of farmers sustaining serious or fatal injuries from entering a potentially hazardous confined space such as a tank, vat, silo or container.

Safety alert: Coveralls used for asbestos removal

PDF File, 58.4 KB | Asset ID: 210417

Safety alert about the dangers of wearing unsuitable disposable coveralls for asbestos removal work.

Safety alert: Crane inspection records

PDF File, 56.4 KB | Asset ID: 210418

Safety alert on the need for crane owners to ensure the authenticity of inspection and maintenance records.

Safety alert: Drilling hazards handling drilling rods

PDF File, 194.1 KB | Asset ID: 211889

This safety alert highlights the dangers of working on drill rigs in Victoria.

Safety alert: Edge protection guard railing failure

PDF File, 59.9 KB | Asset ID: 210421

Safety alert on ensuring any alterations to temporary edge protection guardrails are signed off by a competent person.

Safety alert: Effective emergency response plans

PDF File, 68.3 KB | Asset ID: 210422

Safety alert on the importance of having an effective emergency response plan in case emergency services cannot respond to an incident.

Safety alert: Electric shock from thread cutting machine

PDF File, 91.8 KB | Asset ID: 210423

Safety alert on electric shocks when using portable electric thread cutting machines. The risk relates to machines that are not properly maintained. Outlines precautions for sprinkler fitters, plumbers and other workers.

Safety alert: Electrical power for swing stages

PDF File, 80.3 KB | Asset ID: 210424

Safety alert highlighting need for principal, scaffold and electrical contractors to work together to ensure the electrical installation for swing-stages is safe and fit for purpose.

Safety alert: Elevating work platform overturns

PDF File, 53.1 KB | Asset ID: 210426

Safety alert on the precautions that need to be taken when working with elevating work platforms on construction sites.

Safety alert: Falls from grain bunker stockpiles

PDF File, 88.9 KB | Asset ID: 210428

Safety alert on the hazards associated with working on and around stockpiles of grain, silage or other agricultural matter.

Safety alert: Gas cylinder ruptures at filling station

PDF File, 221.0 KB | Asset ID: 210429

Safety alert about the dangers of returning damaged high pressure, aluminium alloy gas cylinders to gas suppliers without informing the supplier of the damage.

Safety alert: Gas pipes in storm water drains and sewers

PDF File, 84.4 KB | Asset ID: 210430

Safety alert on the dangers of clearing storm water drains and sewers without checking for intruding utility service pipes.

Safety alert: Handling used metal drums

PDF File, 81.4 KB | Asset ID: 210432

Safety alert information on the precautions needed to prevent an explosion whilst handling used metal drums.

Safety alert: Haul truck passenger fatality

PDF File, 119.0 KB | Asset ID: 210433

Safety alert warns mine operators, contractors, truck drivers and other users of the dangers of operating heavy vehicles in close proximity to people.

Safety alert: High risk maintenance activity

PDF File, 65.1 KB | Asset ID: 210436

Safety alert on controlling the risks associated with chemical plants during the first line break and how to identify the potential hazards. Ensuring maintenance operators monitor the first line break activity and using Job Safety Analysis worksheets can prevent injuries.

Safety alert: Installing orchard structures

PDF File, 67.4 KB | Asset ID: 210439

Safety alert on the danger of using wire guide ropes to support canopies and netting systems in traffic routes of orchards.

Safety alert: Lifting lug fails on crusher liner

PDF File, 271.7 KB | Asset ID: 210440

Safety alert for quarry operators, maintenance workers and other users of crushers: outlines the danger of sub-standard welding of lifting lugs fitted to austenitic manganese steel (AMS) internal crusher liners.

Safety alert: Management and disposal of asbestos

PDF File, 137.7 KB | Asset ID: 211386

This safety alert highlights the importance of safe asbestos management and disposal in Victoria.

Safety alert: Mines reinforcing ground support

PDF File, 134.9 KB | Asset ID: 211438

Safety alert for mining operators - controlling risks of rock falls when installing additional ground support using cable bolts.

Safety alert: Mobile plant overturns

PDF File, 197.6 KB | Asset ID: 211943

Safety alert information for employers about risks associated with mobile plant (such as dump trucks) overturning at mines or quarries.

Safety alert: Nitrocellulose in spray booths

PDF File, 92.2 KB | Asset ID: 210446

Safety alert on the dangers of using nitrocellulose products in spray booths. Outlines control measures to prevent severe injuries and explosions. Understand the dangers and ensure your workers are both trained and supervised in handling lacquers containing nitrocellulose.

Safety alert: Operating mine trucks

PDF File, 205.9 KB | Asset ID: 211892

This safety alert highlights the danger to underground mine workers whilst operating mine trucks and provides solutions to reduce or eliminate associated risks.

Safety alert: Overturn incidents - articulated trucks

PDF File, 201.3 KB | Asset ID: 210447

Safety alert on roll over incidents when working on-site. Outlines control and prevention measures for mine operators, line managers and articulated truck drivers. Measures include ensuring effective systems are in place to capture, monitor, review and update information on an ongoing basis.

Safety alert: Petrol powered portable generators

PDF File, 74.1 KB | Asset ID: 208142

Safety alert for petrol powered portable generators

Safety alert: Portable hoists with sling attachments

PDF File, 130.7 KB | Asset ID: 211439

Safety alert information for employers about the safe use of portable hoists with sling attachments.

Safety alert: Preventing collapse bulk excavations

PDF File, 216.8 KB | Asset ID: 211893

This safety alert highlights the dangers of ground collapse in bulk excavations on construction sites and provides information about controlling risks.

Safety alert: Preventing floor collapse

PDF File, 61.5 KB | Asset ID: 211894

Safety alert about ensuring floors are capable of supporting the live loads associated with construction work.

Safety alert: Preventing mobile plant fires

PDF File, 597.0 KB | Asset ID: 214056

Control measures to ensure the safety of you and your employees when operating in mines, including how to prevent mobile plant fires by eliminating fire risks.

Safety alert: Preventing structural collapse

PDF File, 66.9 KB | Asset ID: 212378

A safety alert about the importance of ensuring the stability of building and structures, including when doing construction, demolition and refurbishment works.

Safety alert: Raised tipper trays can be fatal

PDF File, 82.3 KB | Asset ID: 210454

Safety alert outlining the danger of being crushed underneath a raised tipping tray while inspecting components or doing maintenance work.

Safety alert: Reciprocating sabre saw hand injury

PDF File, 121.7 KB | Asset ID: 210455

Safety alert that highlights the need for construction sites to have the appropriate tools for the job to prevent operator injury.

Safety alert: Repairing high-stress components

PDF File, 94.2 KB | Asset ID: 210456

Safety alert for employers, managers and employees about the dangers of not repairing high-stress components correctly. Cutting and modifying components can cause serious injury or death.

Safety alert: Restarting concrete boom pumps

PDF File, 100.8 KB | Asset ID: 210457

Safety alert on measures when pouring concrete from concrete pumping equipment that has been left idle on-site.

Safety alert: Safe loading of elevated work platforms on tilt tray trucks

PDF File, 251.2 KB | Asset ID: 210459

Safety alert on measures to prevent serious injury when loading elevated work platforms to tilt tray trucks.

Safety alert: Shopping trolley collection trailer fatality

PDF File, 67.6 KB | Asset ID: 210463

Safety alert on the dangers of shopping trolley collection vehicles colliding with pedestrians and the general public.

Safety alert: Skewed panel braces can be dangerous

PDF File, 82.8 KB | Asset ID: 214587

Description coming soon.

Safety alert: Soft sling fails during list

PDF File, 245.4 KB | Asset ID: 207699

A safety alert that highlights the dangers associated with using synthetic fibre slings, often known as soft slings, in construction.

Safety alert: Storing gas cylinders in vehicles

PDF File, 255.2 KB | Asset ID: 210466

Safety alert on control measures to manage risks of explosion from a leaking portable flammable gas cylinder inside a work vehicle.

Safety alert: Using material hoists safely

PDF File, 238.3 KB | Asset ID: 210471

Safety alert outlining control measures to ensure safety while using material hoists, including any associated vertical rope, rack and pinion equipment.

Safety alert: Workers engulfed in trench collapse

PDF File, 195.2 KB | Asset ID: 211326

This safety alert highlights the importance of protecting workers from trench collapse.

Safety alert: Working in oxygen-deficient atmospheres

PDF File, 73.7 KB | Asset ID: 207715

Control measures that ensure the safety of mine workers exposed to oxygen-deficient atmospheres, and how to avoid serious injury or death.

Safety assessment for a major hazard facility (MHF)

PDF File, 4.4 MB | Asset ID: 208146

Advice for operators of major hazard facilities on conducting and documenting a safety assessment on site.

Safety by design: Eliminating manual handling injuries in road transport

PDF File, 807.7 KB | Asset ID: 208583

Information on eliminating manual handling injuries in road transport under Safety by Design.

Safety card: Hazchem emergency action code for fire or spillage

PDF File, 777.2 KB | Asset ID: 208616

A handy reference to understanding the HAZCHEM emergency action code system.

Safety case assessment framework (SCAF) feedback form

MS Word Document, 87.0 KB | Asset ID: 210597

A feedback form to provide feedback to WorkSafe on the safety case assessment framework.

Safety case outline for a major hazard facility (MHF)

PDF File, 2.0 MB | Asset ID: 211270

Advice for operators of registered major hazard facilities (MHF) with advice on how to plan and prepare a Safety Case outline.

Safety in and around graves

PDF File, 204.1 KB | Asset ID: 211209

Information for employers, self employed persons and persons with management or control of a workplace about their duties to control risks associated with working in and around graves.

Safety in forestry operations: Harvesting and haulage

PDF File, 4.8 MB | Asset ID: 211271

Advice and risk control measures to be taken by duty holders to prevent injury to persons engaged in harvesting and haulage forest operations.

Safety in the taxi industry - for drivers: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 157.7 KB | Asset ID: 210805

Problems, risks and solutions for taxi drivers to reduce the risk of assault.

Safety in the taxi industry - for operators, networks and depots: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 199.8 KB | Asset ID: 210851

Problems, risks and solutions for drivers, networks and depots in the taxi industry.

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