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Please note: The new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regulations) started on 18 June 2017. Documents from before this date do not align to the OHS Regulations 2017, but you can continue to use them as a source of practical, non-statutory guidance. Some are under review and will be updated.


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TAC and WorkSafe quality assurance program for independent medical examiners: Explanatory notes for independent medical examiners

PDF File, 79.6 KB | Asset ID: 207827

Explanatory notes of the Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria's Quality Assurance Program.

TAC and WorkSafe quality assurance program process

PDF File, 141.4 KB | Asset ID: 207826

Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria's Quality Assurance Program process.

TAFE inspector prompt tool and visit procedure

PDF File, 103.9 KB | Asset ID: 208184

A tool for inspectors to use when visiting and inspecting TAFE colleges.

Tampa scale for kinesiophobia

PDF File, 118.7 KB | Asset ID: 208548

Tampa scale for Kinesiophobia.

Technical protocol TP08: Safety case assessment management principles

PDF File, 60.0 KB | Asset ID: 209985

Procedural direction and guidance for WorkSafe personnel involved in the safety case assessment process.

Technical protocol TP11: Safety case assessment protocol

PDF File, 207.9 KB | Asset ID: 209981

Safety case assessment principles which are used in evaluating the technical aspects of a safety case.

Technical protocol TP21: Safety case assessment principles

PDF File, 226.0 KB | Asset ID: 209979

A list of assessment principles that are used in evaluating the technical aspects of a safety case.

Telehandlers: Design and licensing

PDF File, 229.9 KB | Asset ID: 211217

An information sheet for telescopic handlers, commonly known as telehandlers (also known as variable reach trucks or multipurpose handlers), about design and licensing requirements.

Temporary fuel storage at events: Information sheet

PDF File, 1.0 MB | Asset ID: 210047

Advice to employers and site occupiers about safely storing fuel at events.

Temporary grandstands: Information sheet

PDF File, 393.7 KB | Asset ID: 210048

Advice to employers and contractors when planning, designing, erecting, using and dismantling a temporary grandstand.

The Activities-specific Balance Confidence (ABC) - Scale

PDF File, 76.8 KB | Asset ID: 210500

Information on the activities-specific balance confidence scale. The scale is used to indicate the level of confidence in doing an activity without losing your balance or becoming unsteady.

The best investment for small business: Health and safety

PDF File, 135.6 KB | Asset ID: 209808

Advice for small businesses to provide a safe and healthy workplace and to recognise, assess and control risks.

The first week

PDF File, 89.8 KB | Asset ID: 208326

A booklet for loved ones dealing with a work-related death, including and how to access financial and counselling support.

The knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score (KOOS)

PDF File, 89.6 KB | Asset ID: 208544

Information on knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome scores.

The legal process

PDF File, 40.8 KB | Asset ID: 208330

This information booklet details WorkSafe's legal processes regarding the work-related death of loved one.

The lower extremity functional scale

PDF File, 88.6 KB | Asset ID: 208543

Scale for employees experiencing difficulty with lower extremity functionality.

The most important piece of workplace safety equipment: A user’s guide

PDF File, 425.8 KB | Asset ID: 210312

Information for employers about consultation: when to consult, who to consult, different ways to consult and what is effective consultation.

The patient-specific functional scale

PDF File, 14.9 KB | Asset ID: 208552

A patient-specific functional scale for clinicians.

The prohibition on crystalline silica for abrasive blasting

PDF File, 52.5 KB | Asset ID: 211323

Advice for persons working in the abrasive blasting industry.

The Quebec back pain disability scale

PDF File, 12.1 KB | Asset ID: 208547

This questionnaire is about the way your back pain is affecting your daily life and how difficult you find it to perform daily activities.

The role of fire studies at major hazard facilities (MHFs)

PDF File, 691.3 KB | Asset ID: 211272

Advice for operators of major hazard facilities (MHF) on how fire safety studies may assist in the development of a Safety Case.

The upper extremity functional index

PDF File, 11.3 KB | Asset ID: 208541

Details for injured workers on whether they experience difficulty on their upper limbs when performing certain activities which they are being treated for.

Timber processing - stacking timber for drying: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 785.9 KB | Asset ID: 214444

Problems, risks and solutions for stacking timber for air and kiln drying.

Timed Up and Go (TUG) test

PDF File, 76.4 KB | Asset ID: 210820

Information on Timed Up and Go Tests (TUG) for health and safety.

Tower frame scaffolds: Frequently asked questions

PDF File, 729.0 KB | Asset ID: 209746

Answers to frequently asked questions about tower frame scaffolds.

Tractor driven post hole diggers - entanglement: A health a safety solution

PDF File, 66.4 KB | Asset ID: 208104

Problems, risks and solutions regarding entanglement when working with tractor driven post hole diggers.

Tractor power take-off guarding: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 406.3 KB | Asset ID: 210821

Problems, risks and solutions for tractor power take-off driven attachments that are not properly guarded.

Tractor rollover protection structures (ROPS) - requirements

PDF File, 195.1 KB | Asset ID: 211308

A guide for tractor owners and employers of persons who operate tractors to understand their health and safety obligations relating to; the requirement to fit; roll – over protective frames to tractors, and the limited conditions in which a tractor may be used where the roll – over frame is removed or lowered.

Trade ready worksheet

PDF File, 181.8 KB | Asset ID: 211218

A trade ready worksheet for planning safety on site to prevent serious injuries.

Traffic controller incident report form

PDF File, 14.0 KB | Asset ID: 208156

The traffic controller incident report form which should be used to record details of motorists caught disobeying traffic controls.

Training checklist for young workers

PDF File, 481.8 KB | Asset ID: 207933

A checklist for conducting a general health and safety induction for all young workers.

Training checklist: For work experience and structured workplace learning students

PDF File, 479.6 KB | Asset ID: 208167

This checklist is a guideline for conducting a general health and safety induction for work experience and structured workplace learning students.

Transferring people for toileting and bathing: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 379.5 KB | Asset ID: 210824

Advice for organisations to reduce or eliminate the risks for workers transferring people between different locations and heights while toileting or bathing.

Transferring people from beds and chairs: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 367.5 KB | Asset ID: 210823

Advice for organisations on reducing or eliminating risks when manually transferring people from beds and chairs.

Transferring people safely: A handbook for workplaces

PDF File, 1001.0 KB | Asset ID: 211273

A handbook about how to manage risks when transferring people, namely through manual handling in the health services industry.

Transport of dangerous goods in or through CityLink tunnels

PDF File, 7.4 KB | Asset ID: 210055

Information on the notice of prohibition of the transport of dangerous goods in or through CityLink tunnels.

Transport of dangerous goods self assessment: Road tank vehicle

PDF File, 56.4 KB | Asset ID: 210606

A self-assessment form to show that a road tank vehicle meets all the applicable requirements of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

Transport of dangerous goods: Changes to the law

PDF File, 36.6 KB | Asset ID: 208625

An overview of changes to the law for transporting dangerous goods.

Transport of liquefied gases in bulk

PDF File, 13.9 KB | Asset ID: 210054

Information about the notice of the prohibition of road transport of liquefied gases in bulk.

Transporting dangerous goods

PDF File, 9.2 MB | Asset ID: 210057

Guidance on transporting dangerous goods which are a risk to people, property and the environment for vehicle owner, prime contractors and cosigner.

Transporting people and equipment in vehicles: A health and safety solution

PDF File, 573.6 KB | Asset ID: 208027

Advice for organisations on reducing or eliminating manual handling risks when using vehicles to transport people, equipment and other items.

Transporting small quantities of dangerous goods: Limited quantities

PDF File, 191.1 KB | Asset ID: 208620

This advice is for small-to-medium sized business operators who manufacture, supply and transport limited quantities of dangerous goods (eg 120ml refrigerant gas, one litre acetone, five litres of some adhesives, paint, flammable liquids or corrosives) commercially within Victoria.

Transporting small quantities of dangerous goods: Retail distribution loads

PDF File, 210.9 KB | Asset ID: 208622

This advice is for retailers who transport small quantities of consumer dangerous goods as part of a retail distribution load of goods within Victoria.

Transporting small quantities of dangerous goods: Tools of trade

PDF File, 184.9 KB | Asset ID: 208623

Transporting small quantities of dangerous goods - tools of trade - Advice for people who transport and use small amounts of dangerous goods for commercial purposes. This might include cleaners, tradespeople, sales representatives and service technicians.

Travel expenses fee schedule 2015

PDF File, 212.4 KB | Asset ID: 207557

WorkSafe's travel expenses fee schedule for 2015.

Travel expenses fee schedule 2016

PDF File, 211.5 KB | Asset ID: 207556

WorkSafe's travel expenses fee schedule for 2016.

Travel expenses fee schedule 2017

PDF File, 137.2 KB | Asset ID: 212066

WorkSafe's travel expenses fee schedule for 2017.

Travel expenses policy: Medical and hospital services

PDF File, 231.9 KB | Asset ID: 212838

Guidelines for travel expenses related to medical and hospital services, medical reviews and return to work case conferencing for injured workers.

Travel reimbursement rate: Information for workers

PDF File, 125.0 KB | Asset ID: 209517

Information for injured workers who are required to use their own vehicle to drive to and from approved healthcare appointments or treatment.

Treating health practitioner reports fee schedule 2015

PDF File, 169.5 KB | Asset ID: 207560

WorkSafe's treating health practitioner reports fee schedule for 2015.

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