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Please note: The new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regulations) started on 18 June 2017. Documents from before this date do not align to the OHS Regulations 2017, but you can continue to use them as a source of practical, non-statutory guidance. Some are under review and will be updated.


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WorkSafe incentive scheme for employers (WISE) sustainability and action plan

MS Word Document, 80.0 KB | Asset ID: 208362

This form explains a plan that confirms the worker's current progress in the WISE placement and outlines future steps, activities and services.

WorkSafe incentive scheme for employers (WISE): Information for employers

PDF File, 45.4 KB | Asset ID: 209563

Information for employers about how the WorkSafe Incentive Scheme for Employers (WISE) can help grow business.

WorkSafe injury insurance: Information for taxi operators

PDF File, 263.4 KB | Asset ID: 210086

A guide for taxi operators, networks and depots about their WorkSafe injury insurance obligations.

WorkSafe insurance policy

PDF File, 898.8 KB | Asset ID: 207861

A publication for employers which sets out the terms and conditions of your policy, which is issued to you by WorkSafe Victoria in accordance with Victorian WorkSafe Victoria insurance laws.

WorkSafe insurance: New WorkSafe claims statement guide

PDF File, 705.3 KB | Asset ID: 208299

Facts on the new WorkSafe Claims Statement Guide which should be read in conjunction with the 2 Accident Compensation Acts 1993.

WorkSafe Integrated Health Safety and Wellbeing booklet

PDF File, 2.4 MB | Asset ID: 216629

WorkSafe Integrated Health Safety and Wellbeing booklet

WorkSafe investigations

PDF File, 230.2 KB | Asset ID: 211033

An information sheet explaining WorkSafe investigations and their main purpose following a workplace incident (including fatality).

Worksafe licences

PDF File, 1.1 MB | Asset ID: 208127

Advice on the changes WorkSafe has made to improve its process and decision making criteria when granting a license.

WorkSafe privacy policy

PDF File, 420.9 KB | Asset ID: 167805

WorkSafe privacy policy

WorkSafe prosecutions

PDF File, 232.2 KB | Asset ID: 211034

An information sheet outlining what a WorkSafe Victoria prosecution is and how a decision is made about whether or not to commence a prosecution following a workplace incident.

WorkSafe response to Statement of Expectations letter

PDF File, 78.0 KB | Asset ID: 218917

The Minister for Finance has issued a Statement of Expectations (SOE), setting out WorkSafe’s contribution to reducing red tape and improving regulatory practices while ensuring there is no reduction in worker safety and no disadvantage to injured workers.

WorkSafe stakeholder engagement framework

PDF File, 920.9 KB | Asset ID: 209507

A foundation document that sets out WorkSafe's approach to stakeholder engagement, its values and guiding principles for engagement.

WorkSafe strategy summary 2017

PDF File, 865.0 KB | Asset ID: 209488

A summary of WorkSafe's strategy for 2017.

WorkSafe the media and going to court

PDF File, 363.5 KB | Asset ID: 211035

An information sheet about how WorkSafe provides the media about WorkSafe court cases and what to expect from the media when going to court for a WorkSafe prosecution.

WorkSafe Victoria complaints management / handling policy

PDF File, 631.1 KB | Asset ID: 207866

Policy for handling complaints at WorkSafe Victoria.

WorkSafe Victoria general prosecution guidelines

PDF File, 300.4 KB | Asset ID: 205798

General guidelines for the prosecution of offences under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act and workers compensation laws.

WorkSafe Victoria inspectors: How inspectors support and enforce health and safety at work

PDF File, 413.1 KB | Asset ID: 207853

Advice for WorkSafe Victoria inspectors on how to support and enforce health and safety at work to prevent issues in the workplace.

WorkSafe Victoria standardised claims summary 2016/17 (Data Vic)

MS Excel Document, 64.2 KB | Asset ID: 215152

An overview of Victoria's compensable work-related fatalities, injuries and disease to workers in the workplace.

WorkSafe Victoria's Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register

PDF File, 226.3 KB | Asset ID: 219029

WorkSafe Vcitoria's gifts, benefits and hospitality register - as at 1 May 2018

WorkSafe visits to disability services

PDF File, 369.7 KB | Asset ID: 213114

Snapshot of visits made by WorkSafe to disability services throughout Victoria.

WorkSafe wellbeing central

PDF File, 675.4 KB | Asset ID: 216167

Description coming soon.

Young worker claims by calendar year to 31 December 2017 (Data Vic)

MS Excel Document, 19.1 KB | Asset ID: 216322

Data about claims by young workers.

Young worker safety: Tips for educators

PDF File, 207.7 KB | Asset ID: 207934

Tips for educators on preventing risks to young workers in the workplace.

Young worker safety: Tips for parents and guardians

PDF File, 183.0 KB | Asset ID: 207935

Tips for parents and guardians on the risks young workers face in the workplace and how to prevent them from being hospitalised.

Your premium employer self assessment: A guide for employers

PDF File, 3.4 MB | Asset ID: 209555

Advice for employers to meet their obligations under the WorkSafe legislation and ensures that employers contribute equitably to the system.

Your WorkCover insurance: A guide for employers

PDF File, 3.1 MB | Asset ID: 209348

This booklet is designed to help you understand your WorkCover Insurance premium for 2016/17. It outlines general information about how your premium is calculated and the factors that influence what you pay.

ZUNG self rating depression index

PDF File, 34.8 KB | Asset ID: 210611

A form that measures depression based on answers to a questionnaire that asks you to describe how you have been feeling recently.

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