Equipment list

Health and mobility equipment you can use to assist you following a work-related injury.

Date last updated

Wednesday 22 Jan 2020

What is equipment?

Equipment refers to items that are used to assist an injured worker's recovery following a work-related injury or illness.

Items may address one or more of the following aspects of a worker's life:

  • mobility
  • function
  • independence
  • community involvement (through return to work, educational or leisure activities)
  • relief of pain or discomfort
  • communication
  • safe environment.

Equipment is recommended to an injured worker by a treating health practitioner upon referral by a medical practitioner.

A treating health practitioner may recommend equipment related to their area of expertise and/or scope of treatment.

Equipment may also be recommended by a treating health practitioner to assist the injured worker in the safe discharge from an acute or rehabilitation hospital. A referral by a medical practitioner is not required for these equipment requests.

Changes to recommending equipment

Following a review of the equipment purchasing model, opportunities were identified to improve the guidance and support material for treating health practitioners on selecting and ordering equipment.

As a result, changes have been implemented to the way a treating health practitioner can recommend equipment for an injured worker. These changes include the introduction of an equipment list that contains of the shelf and customized items. These items are provided by WorkSafe's four contracted equipment suppliers (details below).

The Equipment list

The Equipment List (the List) has been developed for treating health practitioners to use when recommending equipment. The List is designed to streamline processes for ordering equipment and ensure availability, resulting in less delays and improved outcomes for injured workers.

The List includes more than 4,000 items that support functional improvement and independence for injured workers.

How to recommend items on the List

Treating health practitioners will be required to recommend items from the List when treating an injured worker.

If the item is not on the List it is still expected that the treating health practitioner will source the recommended item from one of the four contracted equipment suppliers.

If the item is not supplied by the contracted equipment supplier and a suitable alternative cannot be provided then the treating health practitioner may source the item from a non-contracted supplier.

Clinical justification must also be provided as to why the List item could not meet the injured workers injury needs.

Recommendations for continence equipment must be completed by a qualified continence nurse. Continence equipment must be prescribed from the List by completing the continence prescription form and submitting it to the relevant WorkSafe agent.

To recommend items that are high cost or complex, the treating health practitioner must complete the equipment prescription form and submit to the relevant WorkSafe agent.

WorkSafe is committed to providing injured workers with equipment that meets their injury needs. To undertake this, the List is reviewed regularly with items added, replaced or removed. WorkSafe therefore relies on feedback from treating health practitioners to ensure the relevancy of the List. You can make suggestions or provide feedback on the list by completing the equipment suggestion form.

Supply of equipment

WorkSafe uses contracted suppliers to provide injured workers with clinically justified rehabilitation and medical equipment. These suppliers also offer maintenance, repairs and installation services.

Contracted suppliers provide state-wide equipment coverage as well as interstate coverage where required. Treating health practitioners and injured workers are encouraged to visit contracted suppliers, as they offer demonstrations, fittings, trials and expert advice on rehabilitation equipment.

To find out more about our suppliers please visit:

External resources

Non-contracted suppliers are only used for specialised or highly customised items that contracted suppliers are unable to provide or items that are not included on the List that the contracted suppliers are unable provide.

For further information about equipment, please refer to the Equipment policy or contact the Equipment Contracts Advisor, Procurement Services at [email protected].