Claire Spencer, CEO, Arts Centre Melbourne


7:00am - 7:20am: Registration

7:20am - 7:40am: Breakfast

7:40am - 9:00am: Keynote Presentation

Join Chief Executive, Clare Amies at WorkSafe’s next Business Leaders’ Breakfast and listen to our guest speaker, Claire Spencer, Chief Executive Officer of the Arts Centre Melbourne.

In 2016, Claire brought the arts world’s biggest taboo into the open by exposing the unacceptable levels of suicide and mental distress being felt by people in the industry.

Workers in the Australian entertainment industry, which includes performing artists through to technical and support crews behind the scenes, suffer high levels of depression and twice the number of suicide attempts as the general population. This can be exacerbated by the unique pressures of their work, such as job uncertainty, performance pressures and unsociable working hours.

Under Claire’s leadership, the Arts Centre Melbourne has been instrumental in developing a program which has focused heavily on prevention and early intervention. Now in its third year, the Arts Wellbeing Collective continues to explore meaningful systemic and cultural change to improve the mental health of performing arts workers.

As business leaders, I am sure you will find what Claire has to say both challenging and thought provoking.