Horsham Town Hall


Tuesday 18 October 2022


7:00am to 10:50am


This event has a limited capacity - register now to secure your place. Breakfast provided.



7:00am to 7:40am

Registration and breakfast.


Health and Safety Representatives: their value, powers under the OHS Act and supports available

7:40am to 8:50am

Employee consultation and participation is the primary building block to any successful OHS system. This session explores the value a HSR can add to your business and provides some operational tips on how to get the representation, consultation and issue resolution processes right. The sessions will suit both businesses with or without HSRs and include resources and links to supports available.


How to build a systems based approach to health and safety

9:00am to 9:50am

Employers should have systems and processes in place to reduce workplace harm, like injuries that come from manual handling. In this session you’ll learn about the building blocks to a sound OHS management system, including how to improve your existing processes and simple tools available to help.


Mental injury in the workplace

10:00am to 10:50am

There is an increasing number of workers compensation claims for mental injuries. Learn what mental injuries are, the causes, how big a problem this is for workers and workplaces, and how to take a prevention-led approach to creating a psychologically safe workplace.



Horsham Town Hall
71 Pynsent St
Horsham VIC 3400