Silica: new regulations, health updates and what controls are best for your business

A webinar with Bryan Monck (WorkSafe), Dr Ryan Hoy (MonCOEH) and Meryll Ashton (WorkSafe).
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Thursday 28 Oct 2021 at 9.00am to 9.45am


Webinar (online event)

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The forthcoming amendments to the OHS Regulations will introduce a licensing scheme for workshops processing engineered stone, as well as new obligations for suppliers of engineered stone.  For other industries, new obligations will also be introduced around knowing the crystalline silica content of the material you are working with and how to manage this risk.

Prevention and early diagnosis. What is silicosis?  What are the different types of silicosis?  The best way to seek a diagnosis and the importance of health screening.  How can I control the risk of exposure to respirable crystalline silica at work?  A look at one year on from starting a dedicated Silica Field Team.


  • Bryan Monck
  • Dr Ryan Hoy
  • Meryll Ashton
headshot of Bryan Monck

Bryan Monck - Acting Manager of Legislative Service and Reform, WorkSafe Victoria

Bryan Monck has worked in a number of roles relating to the implementation of the Victorian government's silica action plan since its announcement in early 2019. Bryan has a background in policy development, program design and delivery at WorkSafe Victoria and in previous roles at the National Disability Insurance Agency.

headshot of Dr Ryan Hoy

Dr Ryan Hoy - Respiratory Physician and Senior Research Fellow, Monash University Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health

Dr Ryan Hoy is a Respiratory Physician with a Master's degree in Occupational and Environmental Health. Following completion of a fellowship in occupational lung diseases at the University of Toronto, Canada, he has been a senior research fellow at the Monash University Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health (MonCOEH) in Melbourne. He is the lead physician at the recently commenced Occupational Respiratory Clinic at the Alfred Hospital. Ryan was also a member of the National Dust Disease Taskforce, which recently completed its independent review of the systems in place for the prevention, early identification, control and management of accelerated silicosis from engineered stone, and broader occupational dust diseases.

headshot of Meryll Ashton

Meryll Ashton - Group Leader of the Silica Field Team, WorkSafe Victoria

Meryll Ashton has been an Inspector at WorkSafe for 20 years and is the Group Leader of the Silica Team in the Regulated Industries Division. For the last 2 years her focus has been on conducting silica related inspections and working towards the WorkSafe Victoria strategic silica intervention program. The Silica Team is a team of inspectors that was established to focus on silica related hazards within industry, in particularly targeting the stonemason industry.