Unsafe is always unacceptable: Young workers webinar

A webinar with Brian Chamberlin (WorkSafe), Nicole Sinosich (WorkSafe) and Bella Himmelreich (VTHC).
Date and time

Tuesday 26 Oct 2021 at 10.30am to 11.15am


Webinar (online event)

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Young workers are one of the most vulnerable groups for workplace injuries. That's why it's so important to speak up about unsafe working environments. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities, and what support services are available to help.


  • Brian Chamberlin
  • Nicole Sinosich
  • Bella Himmelreich
headshot of Brian Chamberlin

Brian Chamberlin - Construction Industry Education Officer, WorkSafe Victoria

Brian Chamberlin is the WorkSafe Victoria Construction Industry Education Officer. His primary role is to engage with internal and external stakeholders to develop and deliver high quality, targeted 'risk based' information, training and related materials, promote improved OHS outcomes in Victoria's construction sector. His previous roles include WorkSafe Inspector – Construction, TAFE Teacher - Swinburne TAFE (Building and Construction), and self-employed Carpenter.

headshot of Nicole Sinosich

Nicole Sinosich - Senior Inspector, WorkSafe Victoria

Nicole Sinosich has been with WorkSafe for 18 years. When she first started with WorkSafe she was employed as an Inspector in the Manufacturing, Logistics and Agriculture (MLA) industry program and was based in the north regions (first Preston and then at Essendon Fields). She has also worked in the RTW Inspectorate, helping employers plan for the safe return to work of injured workers, and has also been on secondments into the Training Department. She joined the Psychosocial Inspectorate in 2016, and has enjoyed being part of a team that specialises in reducing psychological harm in the workplace.

headshot of Bella Himmelreich

Bella Himmelreich  - Outreach Officer, VTHC

Bella Himmelreich is an outreach organiser with the Young Workers Centre at Victorian Trades Hall Council. She begun working as an organiser after taking on wage theft at her own workplace in hospitality, and now works to empower young people across Victoria with the knowledge and skills needed to end workplace exploitation and insecurity.