Why WorkSafe exists: Case studies of prosecutions

A webinar with Mark Glenister - Fatalities/COVID Investigations Manager, WorkSafe Victoria.
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Wednesday 20 Oct 2021 at 10.30am to 11.15am


Webinar (online event)

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What happens when employers fail to meet their occupational health and safety obligations? Find out, as WorkSafe investigators share case studies of successful prosecutions that have arisen from serious incidents.


  • Mark Glenister
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Mark Glenister - Fatalities/COVID Investigations Manager, Enforcement Group, WorkSafe Victoria

Mark Glenister is the Fatalities Investigations Manager, in charge of WorkSafe’s Fatalities Investigations Team. He was a member of Victoria Police for almost 22 years, about half of that as a detective in Melbourne’s inner and western suburbs. He made the change to WorkSafe in 2009 as an investigator and has worked across most of the state investigating dangerous occurrences, injuries and fatalities resulting from COVID, bullying, structural collapses, design failures, plant entrapments and entanglements, engulfment, explosions, fires, electrocutions and vehicular collisions.