Workplace mental health 101: A business case study

A webinar with Madelaine Barry (WorkSafe), Linda Hunt (Working Well in Wellington), Dr Alison Kennedy (NCFH) and Adrian Panozzo (CCF Victoria).
Date and time

Thursday 21 Oct 2021 at 12.00pm to 1.00pm


Webinar (online event)

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We spend a third of our lives at work, which is why the workplace plays such an important role in protecting and supporting an individual's mental health. More and more, workplace leaders know how important it is to have a mentally healthy workforce, but knowing where to start and what sources to trust can be confusing and difficult.

WorkWell supports business owners and leaders to take the first steps to creating safe and mentally healthy workplaces - through easy-to-understand information, practical tools and advice. Join us as we cover the basics of workplace mental health and share insights and advice from leaders of WorkWell-funded projects. You’ll learn from real life examples on how to create mentally healthy workplaces for your workers.


  • Madelaine Barry
  • Linda Hunt
  • Dr Alison Kennedy
  • Adrian Panozzo
headshot of Madelaine Barry

Madelaine Barry - Knowledge Translation Program Officer, WorkSafe Victoria

Maddy Barry is a Program Officer in WorkWell, focusing on translating the evidence base being developed through WorkWell into practical information for employers to create mentally healthy workplaces. She has a background in governmental policy, mental health, OHS and program delivery. Maddy is passionate about evidence based strategic programs that help all people be safe and healthy at work.

headshot of Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt - Project Manager, Wellington Primary Care Partnership

Linda Hunt is a Program Manager for Working Well in Wellington. This 3 year project focuses on promoting mental wellbeing for shift workers in Wellington Shire.  She has a background in health promotion and project management. Linda is a director of Community Bank Maffra and District and committee member of Maffra Business and Tourism Association and Sale Neighbourhood house. Linda is passionate about working with organisations to build thriving workplaces particularly in regional settings.

headshot of Dr Alison Kennedy

Dr Alison Kennedy - Acting Director and Senior Research Fellow, National Centre for Farmer Health / Deakin University

Dr Alison Kennedy is a Behavioural Scientist who has lived and worked in Victoria’s rural farming community for the past 17 years. Her role at the NCFH since 2010 has primarily focused on rural/farmer mental health and suicide prevention using a range of innovative techniques including digital interventions, digital storytelling, community education programs and peer support models. She is passionate about co-designing the Centre’s research, education and services in collaboration with community and industry—to ensure the Centre’s work continues to be effective, relevant and tailored to the needs of rural farming communities.

headshot of Adrian Panozzo

Adrian Panozzo - Project Manager Civil Contractors Federation Victoria

Adrian Panozzo is the Project Manager of CCF Victoria’s Positive Plans – Positive Futures Program, a prevention focused workplace mental health initiative for the Victorian civil construction industry supported by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Program.

Adrian is also a Churchill Fellow and the co-founder of Better Life Mobile, a telecommunications company recognised globally for its innovative and ethical approaches to social and digital inclusion.

He was a professional field umpire in the Australian Football League, competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships and has twice finished the Marathon de Sable a 6 day 240km footrace across the Sahara Desert.