WorkSafe talks safety with the multicultural community

A webinar about your safety rights and responsibilities in the workplace.
Date and time

Thursday 21 Oct 2021 at 10.30am to 11.15am


Webinar (online event)

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Join WorkSafe Victoria to learn about your safety rights and responsibilities in the workplace. The session will provide a better understanding of WorkSafe's role in the community and present an opportunity to ask questions.


  • Abir Elamin
headshot of Abir Elamin

Abir Elamin - Occupational Health and Safety Inspector, WorkSafe Victoria

As an Occupational Health and Safety Inspector at WorkSafe Victoria, Abi has over twenty years experience in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Compensation.

Abi is passionate about educating employers and ensuring that people get to go home safe to their loved ones. And she does this everyday by undertaking workplace inspections to ensure that employers are compliant with OHS laws, providing practical guidance and support on hazard identification, risk control, and also promoting consultation and representation of workers in health and safety matters.

Through her role, Abi can speak from an Occupational Health and Safety perspective providing an overview of OHS standards, rights, roles and responsibilities as well as highlighting what works well and sharing relevant insights and proposed solutions.