Private rehabilitation hospital non arrangement fees

  • Non arrangement private rehabilitation hospital fees

    Non arrangement private rehabilitation hospital effective from 1 July 2017

    Effective as at 1 July 2017, WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) will pay up to a maximum amount for the following categories of the service:

    Item code


    Maximum payment rate

    Assessment Services
    PHASSES Pre Admission Multidisciplinary Assessment & Plan $695.29
    Multidisciplinary pain management programs

    (Rate is per day and inclusive of all therapy sessions)

    CPAIN Chronic Pain Management Program $353.30
    PHPAIN Pain Management Program $329.78
    Private Hospital Non Admitted Allied Health Sessions
    Rate is per 30 min session

    PHDIET Dietician Consultation Session $48.99
    Exercise Physiology
    PHEX01 Individual Session $44.93
    PHEX02 Group Session $26.40
    Hydrotherapy – Service to be provided by a physiotherapist
    PHH01 Individual Session $48.24
    PHH02 Group Session $28.63
    PHINT Interpreter $67.58
    Occupational Therapy
    PHO01 Individual Session $49.86
    PHO02 Group Session $28.63
    PHADL01 ADL Assessment – must be requested by a Medical Practitioner or the Agent $126.93 p/h
    PHP01 Individual Session $52.06
    PHP02 Group Session $27.90
    PHPS200 Neuropsychology $178.86
    PHPS01 Individual Session $82.38
    PHPS02 Group Session $46.42
    Speech Therapy
    PHS01 Individual Session $49.80
    PHS02 Group Session $28.63
    Social Work
    PHSW01 Individual Session $46.53
    PHSW02 Group Session $28.63
    Rehabilitation Patients
    1 – 14 days RP101 $640.17
    15+ days RP101 $488.88

    Explanatory notes: 

    All Services and invoicing must be provided in line with the following guidelines located on the WorkSafe website – WorkSafe Private Hospital Invoicing guidelines – WorkSafe Pharmacy Policy – WorkSafe MBS Rules


    Amounts published have not taken into account that GST may apply to certain services. Where deemed appropriate by WorkSafe, an amount taking into account GST will be added to the listed amount.

    Download non arrangement for private psychiatric hospitals fees [PDF, 372kB]

    Download non arrangement for private psychiatric hospitals fees [PDF, 372kB]

    View fee schedules from previous years

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