Insurance obligations for employers'

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  1. A list of your WorkCover obligations
  2. How to certify your remuneration

If you don't have insurance yet

You should find out if you need WorkCover insurance. You are likely to need it if:

  • you expect to pay more than $7,500 a financial year in rateable remuneration, or
  • you have any apprentices or trainees.

This applies even if you're a small company with only one worker.

If you're currently insured by WorkSafe

You're required to notify your WorkSafe Agent if:

  • there are any changes to your workplace or business activity – this can effect your classification and premium
  • your workplace address changes or if you change your legal business name
  • the contact person for your insurance changes
  • you begin employing workers at a new workplace, cease to employ at a current workplace or cease to employ and no longer require insurance
  • your remuneration increases or is likely to increase by 20% or more from your most recent estimate of remuneration for the financial year – you must notify your Agent within 28 days.

Make sure that you:

  • check your annual estimate of remuneration that will be sent to you by your WorkSafe Agent
  • check your claims statement (if you have any claims).

These are both used when your premium is calculated each year.

You'll also need to certify that your remuneration is correct using your WorkSafe insurance login (Online Employer Services) at the end of each financial year by the due date. Your remuneration includes wages and other benefits you pay to your workers.

Find out what makes up your remuneration and be aware – if you underestimate your remuneration penalties may apply.

Lastly, remember to pay your premium by the due date shown on your invoice.

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