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Important Information and Disclaimer - Injury Support Provider Search Tool

The search tool on the website is designed to help you find WorkSafe Victoria registered providers in your local area. Please note that:

  1. You should make your own enquiries to decide who will provide the service you require. WorkSafe does not endorse particular providers or make guarantees or representations about their skills, performance or potential outcomes for an injured worker.
  2. These services will require a referral from your doctor and must be approved in advance by your WorkSafe Agent.
  3. You can choose any provider for the service you need after you have received approval from your WorkSafe Agent but the provider must be registered with WorkSafe to receive payment. You may be able to access the service faster by choosing a provider who is already registered with WorkSafe. 
  4. Attendant care providers marked * have been independently reviewed against quality standards.

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