WorkSafe tackles uninsured employers in Sydney Rd

WorkSafe will soon target businesses in Sydney Road in a week-long blitz on uninsured employers.
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Thursday 11 Oct 2012

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From 22 October, WorkSafe will visit businesses in and around Sydney Road to ensure they are meeting their workplace insurance obligations.

WorkSafe’s Director of Premium, Leanne Hughson, said mandatory premium payments by employers were the pillar of the WorkSafe scheme.

“By making sure all employers pay the appropriate premium, we can continue to enforce the highest standards in workplace safety in Australia and guarantee every ill or injured Victorian worker has proper access to their entitlements,” she said

Thanks to compliance checks, WorkSafe collected more than $800,000 in unpaid insurance premiums and associated penalties last financial year.

Ms Hughson said businesses had to have a policy if salary payments to workers exceeded $7500 in any financial year.

“Uninsured employers will be required to pay back the premium owed and may also be penalised,” she said.

Ms Hughson said ignorance was no excuse for not paying the correct WorkSafe insurance premium.

“If employers are confused about their obligations, they should seek help from WorkSafe’s Advisory Service. It’s never too late to start complying and doing so can significantly reduce long-term penalties and costs,” she said.

“Workers are entitled to compensation in the event of a workplace accident or illness, irrespective of whether their employer holds a policy.

“However, WorkSafe will impose penalties on that employer to recover the cost of benefits paid to the injured worker.”

For information about WorkSafe insurance obligations visit: or call the WorkSafe Advisory Service on 1800 136 089.