Builders urged to secure sites before Christmas shut down

WorkSafe is calling on builders to pay special attention to site security at construction sites closing over the Christmas break.
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Friday 23 Dec 2016

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WorkSafe Construction Program Manager, Dermot Moody, said builders and site supervisors should do a number of simple checks to prevent unauthorised access to sites over the holiday period.

“Members of the public that enter construction sites can be exposed to significant hazards and risks including falls off partially built structures or scaffolding, live electrical power and open excavations,” Mr Moody said.

“Thorough site clean-ups and appropriate security measures will go a long way in ensuring public safety over the holidays.”

Mr Moody said that while suitable site security measures were important, ensuring safety measures around incomplete structures was vital.

“It’s absolutely critical to ensure partially built structures such as walls and roofs are braced and secured from unexpected strong winds and bad weather,” Mr Moody said. “We’ve seen the tragic consequences at work sites when these safety measures aren’t taken.

“Where possible, remove all equipment and machinery from the site or otherwise secure it to minimise any risk to unauthorised people. Chemicals and potentially harmful substances should also be removed from the site.

“Be vigilant when it comes to electrical safety by ensuring the main switch to the temporary supply is switched off and the meter board is locked. Uninstalled roofing and other loose materials also have the potential to turn into missiles if not stored and secured correctly.”

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