Safety alerts

If you're concerned about safety in your workplace you can speak to a WorkSafe health and safety advisor on 1800 136 089 or contact the 24 hour emergency line on 13 23 60 to report serious workplace injuries.

Use of glass in workplaces providing early childhood education and care services

1 June 2017

A safety alert that provides guidance to persons with management or control of workplaces in the children service’s sector about controlling risks associated with glass panels breaking from human impact.

Carbon monoxide poisoning and LPG powered floor cleaning equipment

3 May 2017

This alert highlights for employers the risk of employees being over exposed to carbon monoxide when operating LPG powered floor cleaning equipment such as a floor burnisher or buffer.

Concrete delivery pipeline failures

1 February 2017

This alert highlights the risk of using poorly manufactured concrete delivery pipes and pipeline components.

Safe use of flammable refrigerants

23 December 2016

This safety alert concerns Class 2.1 Flammable refrigerant gases (flammable refrigerants) in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Overturning of pick and carry cranes

1 August 2016

This Alert highlights the risks of overturning pick and carry cranes while traveling with a suspended load

Ceiling hoists and track systems

19 July 2016

This alert highlights the risk of using ceiling tracks systems with incompatible fixed or portable ceiling hoists.

Hyperbaric Chambers

14 July 2016

This alert has been prepared in response to a serious incident that occurred earlier this year during the operation of a single person (monoplace) hyperbaric chamber.

Construction Focus - Preventing falls from height in building and construction

30 June 2016

Information for employers and employees about WorkSafe’s current safety focus in the construction industry regarding the prevention of falls from height.

Refueling portable equipment

1 June 2016

Alert on the risks of refueling portable equipment, such as petrol generators and demolition saws, and advice on controlling the risks.

Escalator and travelator void in-fills

24 May 2016

Alert to warn of the dangers associated with in-fill areas around escalators and travelators.

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